DIY Carrot Balloons

DIY Carrot Balloons for a Peter Rabbit Party

With the release of the new movie, the world has fallen in love with Peter Rabbit all over again.

So if your child has asked you for a Peter Rabbit birthday, we’re here with a cute party craft that will help make your décor extra special!

These DIY carrot balloons are so easy to make and they’re a fun nod to the carrots that Peter Rabbit likes to steal from Mr McGregor’s garden! Read on to find out what to do and check out our official Peter Rabbit partyware here.

How to make DIY carrot balloons

What you need

What You Need

What to do

Start by making the green carrot top. Take a long green streamer, fold it up and then make cuts all the way along, about one centimetre apart. Make sure you stop cutting when you’re about a centimetre away from the edge.

Green Streamer - DIY Carrot Balloons

Then simply roll it up to make it look like a carrot top!

DIY Carrot Balloon - Carrot Top

The next step of making DIY carrot balloons is even easier – simply blow up an orange balloon!

Orange Balloons

Then attach a carrot top to each balloon with glue or sellotape (whichever you find easiest). It will help to get a spare pair of hands to help you with this stage.

DIY Carrot Balloons

And that’s it! Your DIY carrot balloons are finished and ready for your Peter Rabbit party!

DIY Carrot Balloons for Peter Rabbit Party

If you’re ready to start planning your own Peter Rabbit party decorations, check out our official party range here or stay on our blog for more inspiration!

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