Dennis the Menace Party Ideas

Dennis the Menace Party Ideas

This week we’re causing double trouble with Dennis and Gnasher!

World Book Day is fast-approaching so what better way to celebrate than with a Dennis the Menace party full of fun, games and lots and lots of mischief!! It’s one of our favourite World Book Day party themes but it also makes a great party theme.

Keep reading for decorating ideas, games and much more party inspiration featuring our favourite comic book troublemaker!

Dennis the Menace Party Decorations

The planning of any party starts with decorations and for this theme we chose our pop-art style Dennis the Menace party supplies. They put a funky twist on a theme that’s been a firm favourite for generations and red, black and green are really easy colours to mix and match with other decorations.

This lime green tablecloth in particular was a fab choice – look how it makes all the other colours stand out! If you’re a sucker for detail like us, you could even ask whoever’s making your cake to match the colours of the icing to your tableware.

Dennis the Menace Party Ideas

Dennis the Menace is a really fun kids party theme so don’t be afraid of causing some chaos when you’re setting the table – the busier, the better! Go to town on plates, cups, party boxes and toys for the kids to play with during the party.

We’ve got a full range here to get you started but why not use your creativity a little too? We love the way the bunting is hanging across the table here and this is really easy to do if you’ve got two things to tie it to either side.

Dennis the Menace Party

As for party snacks, think of all the things you’d eat as a kid! Mini chocolate footballs, jelly snacks and any kind of pick ‘n’ mix will definitely be a hit. Fill some themed ice cream pots with sweets and put them in the middle of the table for everyone to share.

And for a healthy spin on classic party food, fill them with things like carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes that are easy for kids to grab.

Dennis the Menace Party

Next up is our Dennis the Menace birthday cake and what a show stopper this one is! It was made by the amazing Richard’s Cakes in Manchester and we just love how much the figures on top look like Dennis and Gnasher.

Dennis the Menace Birthday Cake

Check out the detail – Dennis even has scuffed muddy knees!

Dennis the Menace Birthday Cake

Dennis the Menace party games

Party games should be right at the top of your kids party check list as they keep everyone entertained (and out of trouble!) We’ve taken a few classic party games and put a little twist on them to make them fit our theme.

Dennis and Gnasher piñatas

Piñatas are a classic party activity and if you can’t find one that fits your party theme, it’s so easy to make your own. We’ve got a full blog post about how we made these Dennis and Gnasher piñatas so just follow our simple tutorial, stock up on sweets and toys to fill it with and then get playing.

Dennis the Menace Birthday Cake

Musical statues to the Dennis the Menace theme tune

It’s not a kids party without playing musical chairs or musical statues and you can put a funny Dennis the Menace twist on it by playing it to the original theme tune. Here’s a little reminder in case you’ve forgotten it (but be warned, it will get stuck in your head!!)

4 hilarious pranks your kids will definitely fall for

Dennis the Menace was the world’s original prankster so a birthday party in his name wouldn’t be right without playing a few funny tricks on the guests. It’s all a bit of harmless fun and we’ve got some hilarious ideas up our sleeve to get you started:

  • Whoopee cushions – They’ve been around for donkey’s years and yet they’re still hilarious.
  • Mashed potato sundaes – Ice cream sundae anyone? Wait until they realise it’s actually mashed potato and gravy!
  • Fake chocolate browniesCover a sponge with chocolate icing and sprinkles and see who can resist taking a bite.
  • Lemon juice in water – Sneakily add a few drops of lemon juice to someone’s glass of water and wait for their faces to squirm. Hehehe!

Dennis the Menace Party

Cover the table with lots of little toys for the kids to play with during the party (as long as you don’t mind a little mischief). Mini-water pistols, whoopie cushions and funny glasses will have everyone laughing and make nice party bag fillers to take home after the party too.

Dennis the Menace Party Supplies

That’s it! You’ll find everything we used to throw this amazing Dennis the Menace party over in our shop. And if you’re looking for a good present for the birthday boy or girl – how about an official Dennis the Menace fancy dress costume?

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