Dennis the Menace & Gnasher Party Game

We have yet another exciting party theme to share with you today – Dennis the Menace and Gnasher! And what mischief are they up to this time?

Dennis the Menace makes for a nice alternative to more usual superhero or computer game party themes (not that there is anything wrong with those themes – we adore them all) but every once in a while it is nice to do something different. And today it’s all about Dennis the Menace!

We were looking what fun DIY party games would be appropriate for a mischievous party and thought this DIY beanbag toss game could be  just the ticket! Let us share with you our step by step guide of turning a cardboard box into this fun party activity!

Denis the Menace Party Ideas

Dennis the Menace DIY party game – materials

  • You will need a LARGE piece of card, A2 or larger. If you don’t have one that big, don’t fret, we didn’t either so we used a large cardboard box.
  • Packing tape
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Stanley knife
  • Acrylic paints (red, white, black, pink)
  • Pencil & pen

Download our Gnasher template which comes in several pieces of A4. Print, cut, stick him together and trace.


Dennis the Menace DIY party game – what we did:

denis the menace party fun

As mentioned, we only had longish panels from the side of a box.

DIY Denis the Menace Party

On the back we taped the two pieces of card with packing tape as it is stronger and broader. We criss-crossed the tape a bit for extra strength.

DIY Denis the Menace Party - cardboard box

On the front, we secured the card with some masking tape as you can paint easily over masking tape. The paint will NOT stick to the packing tape.

DIY Denis the Menace Party Games

Take your printed template and stick it on or have a go at sketching it. We had a go at free hand sketching. If you are doing it free hand, look at key features and check the size and position relative to each other . E.g. the nose part rounds off towards the tips of the smile. The hair around the face is quite close to the other features, etc. Don’t be afraid to rub it out and try again.

DIY Denis the Menace Party Game

Now take your sketch and be a little more accurate. Be brave and make changes if need be (see how we brought the hair on the top left hand side in a little?) As we are using acrylic paints, we can paint over the “wrong” lines later.

Dennis the Menace DIY Party Games

Now it is time to start painting. You will end up covering some of your outlines, but that is fine. As you have drawn them before, it will be easier to add them again a second time.

We started with white.

Then moved on to pink

Then black.

And finally painted the background in red.

Dennis the Menace Party Ideas

Using a plate and a stanley knife, cut out a circle as your target. You **may** wish to cut out the WHOLE mouth and make it a bigger target for the kids to aim for. It totally depends on the age group that are coming to your party!!!

Time to set up and play! We propped our board up on a small stool against the wall. You may want a party goer to hold it steady for people throwing! We thought our easy to make bean bag chooks were just the thing for throwing! I am sure that Gnasher would find them rather tasty!

Be sure to get all the rest of your party decorations out – we have lovely bunting, balloons, masks and lots more for you to choose from!