David Walliams Costume Ideas for World Book Day

David Walliams Costume Ideas for World Book Day

David Walliams may be new on the book scene but his characters are fast-becoming a World Book Day staple!

From Gangsta Granny to Mr Stink, his books already have so many iconic characters… And brilliant characters means loads of great dressing up ideas!

We’ve just launched a brand new range of David Walliams costumes for World Book Day 2018 and to celebrate, we’ve rounded up our favourite ones right here!

Gangsta Granny

First up is Gangsta Granny! This ordinary grandma is secretly an international jewel thief and certainly up to no good! Dress your child up in this new Gangsta Granny costume and they’ll be instantly recognisable on World Book Day.

Gangsta Granny Costume


Grandpa’s Great Escape

In his younger days, this grandpa used to be a World War II flying ace… But now he’s in an old folk’s home and planning his escape! This official Grandpa’s Great Escape costume comes with a flying hat and a fake moustache for an instant transformation!

Grandpa's Great Escape Costume


Billionaire Boy

Joe’s rich. Really, really rich! And if your child is a fan of Billionaire Boy, this new costume will be their perfect World Book Day outfit!

David Walliams Billionaire Boy Costume


Mr Stink

Mr Stink stank! But there’s more to him than meets the eye! We won’t spoil the ending but this Mr Stink costume is perfect for any child who loves the book!

Mr Stink Costume



If your child loves the Ratburger, they’ll love dressing up as Burger Man Burt! This official Ratburger costume comes with a striped top, trousers, wig and even a bottle of special sauce!

Ratburger Costume


Boy in a dress

Fans of The Boy in a Dress will love transforming into Dennis with this costume! It even comes with an inflatable football!

Boy in a Dress Costume


Awful Aunty

Your child can get ready to act just like Aunt Alberta and plot to steal Stella’s inheritance with this official Awful Aunty costume. Perfect for kids who love pretending to be a baddie!

David Walliams Awful Aunty Costume

BUY-THIS-COSTUME-BUTTONReady to get your child ready for World Book Day? Check out our full range of David Walliams costumes HERE or stay on our blog for even more World Book Day costume ideas! 



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