Cute Cork Angel Craft

Cute Cork Angel Craft

We love this time of year – time to get all seasonal make some lovely Christmas crafts. And one Christmas craft we really like is making Christmas ornaments with the kids (our tree is a very BUSY tree!!), we love to give these as small gifts each year too and they look great as little present adornments. Today we have a cute little angel craft. As with many of our crafts, I often make it up as a I go along, so I made some improvements and changes in the instructions to make it easier to make your own!


Cork Angel Craft Materials:

  • Cork
  • Paint
  • Paper
  • Tin Foil
  • Wool
  • Gold pipe cleaner or something similar fuzzy and golden, or some tinfoil
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  • Pens

Cork Angel Craft How To:

Cork Angel Craft

1) Paint your corks pink. We actually painted ours pink AND white… as at first that was going to be the body of the angel, but we found afterwards that a paper gown looked lovely and makes the painting of the corker easier (in fact, you could leave it cork coloured).

Cork Angel Craft How To

2) Once dry –  trace a circle with a small bowl or larger glass onto some paper. Cut in half and cut out a semi circle big enough to fit around the cork. You may find you need to trim it make it fit neatly. If all your corks are the same size, maybe create a template that fits all your corks. With a little glue secure to your cork. As you can see from my photo, your circle doesn’t have to be perfect!

Cork Angel Making Hair

3) Cut some strands of wool and glue on as hair and had a halo – either from the golden pipe cleaner or by rolling up some tinfoil and making it into a circle.

Easy Cork Angel Craft

4) Stick the halo on.

Cork Angel Craft Wings

5) Make a paper wing template.

6) Stick your tin foil to BOTH sides of a piece of paper and use your wing template to cut out some silver wings.

7) Glue on your wings and add a ribbon between the wings and the body for hanging. Let dry.

Cork Angel Crafts

8) Add facial features and if you wish add a little detail to the angel’s frock – this could be stickers, drawings or some lace!

What do you think? Isn’t it super cute? I think we will be making more and more of these (and if you fancy some more Christmas tree ornament inspiration, take a peak over on Red Ted Art, where we also have some adorable Santa corks!)