Creepy Possessed Nun Costume for Halloween

Possessed Nun Costume Ideas

Looking for a unique Halloween costume idea?

How about going as a possessed nun? It ticks all the boxes for an easy yet terrifying Halloween costume – and it’s perfect for anyone on a budget too.

Read on to find out how to put this creepy look together!

How to dress as a possessed nun


Your possessed nun costume starts with the dress. We used this great value zombie nun outfit which comes with a dress, headpieces and a cross necklace to ensure all the main components of the costume are sorted.

As for footwear, you’ll need a pair of black shoes or boots (you’ll probably be able to find something suitable in your own wardrobe).

Possessed Nun Costume for Halloween



Once the costume itself is sorted, it’s time to use face paint to create a truly possessed look! For the make-up for your possessed nun costume you’ll need black and white face paint and some make-up brushes. Apply a thin layer of white face paint to give yourself a pale, deathly look. Then apply black face paint around the eyes. Make it a bit runnier than you normally would and let it drip down your cheeks to make it look like you’re crying haunted tears!

Possessed Nun Costume

And that’s it! Want more Halloween costume ideas? Browse our huge range of Halloween costumes and accessories or stay on our blog for more inspiration!



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