Create Your Very Own Minnie Mouse Party

We LOVE themed parties. It is a great way of planning your child’s birthday – I love coming up with different details here and there as the big birthday approaches. Finding party sets, coming up with decorations, creating some party crafts and making things for the kids. Today, we are planning a MINNIE MOUSE PARTY!!! There are some great Minnie Mouse products available in the Party Delights shop. The Minnie Mouse party set is particularly good value, as they ensure that you have all the basics in one place!

Minnie's Cafe party pack


Get your party basics… and then GET CRAFTY and make your very own adorable Minnie Mouse outfit for your little birthday day girl – these are super easy to make and “no sew”, so will hopefully appeal to all of us and not just those that “like to sew”.

Mini Mouse Party Ideas

We adore the little Minnie Mouse straws! So cute!

To make your Minnie Mouse tutu outfit, you will need:

Mini Mouse Tutu DIY

  • 25 yard spool of red tulle
  • a piece of elastic to fit around your child’s waist
  • white felt
  • fabric glue (or good PVA glue, or if you wish, sew your spots on!)
  • scissors

for the rest of the outfit

  • black tights or leggings
  • plain white or black t-shirt (we wore a white school polo shirt, as it has a pretty detailed collar)
  • Minnie Mouse ears

We have some great cardboard  minnie mouse ears in the shop (note – they come with a RED bow) –


Get extra and give one to each of your party guests too!!

To Make your Minnie Mouse Tutu Outfit:

1) Cut a piece of elastic to fit your child’s waist.

Mini Mouse Tutu Craft

2) Cut strips of around 70-80cm of tulle – you can make it longer or shorter depending on your child’s height. Shorter will “stick out more” and longer will make your tutu more skirt like! 

3) Fold your tulle in half and place under your elastic. Then take the long strips and push them through the loop and tighten. Don’t pull it too tight, else you will end up with lots of tiny knots and you will need more layers of tulle (and an extra roll of tulle!). Once secured, add the next strip of tulle and repeat.

Mini Mouse Tutu

4) Check against your child and make sure you are happy with the number of knots. We made about 32 of them. Tie your elastic to fit snugly.

Mini Mouse Party Outfit DIY

5)  Now cut out some white felt circles. We cut 15 out and ended up using 14. Again, the size and number is a question of preference!

Mini Mouse Craft Costume

6) Make sure your tulle strips are laid out flat and neat (and are not tangled), then evenly distribute your white dots until you are happy with how it looks. Glue into place with fabric glue. Remember, as you are using tulle, the glue may drip through a little, so use it sparingly and avoid sticking your tutu to the table or floor!!

Mini Mouse Costume DIY

Wait for it to dry and WEAR!! Get your Minnie Mouse party bunting out and we are ready to PARTY!




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