Classy Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Adults

Classy Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Adults

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day… it’s a lovely excuse for a party!

Whether you’re planning to throw a Valentine’s Day singles party, decorate your workplace or even throw a party to show your friends how much you love them, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be a tacky affair.

Take a look at our classy Valentine’s Day party ideas for adults to find out how to do February 14th in style.

Planning a stylish Valentine’s Day party for adults

Keep your decorations simple and sophisticated

Valentine’s Day has a reputation for being a cheap and tacky holiday but it doesn’t have to be! There are plenty of ways to celebrate February the 14th in style as long as you stick to one golden rule: keep your decorations simple.

Reign yourself in to avoid going OTT – a few carefully placed decorations will look much more stylish. The latest trend in the party industry is to scatter balloons in a corner of the room, or to blow them up halfway and scatter them across chairs and tables. This will look ultra stylish and most importantly, very classy.

Valentine's Day Party Ideas for Adults

Mix and match red and pink with blocks of white

Red and pink is the obvious choice of colour scheme for a Valentine’s Day party but if you overdo it, it can get a little OTT. That’s why we’d recommend mixing and matching bolder red and pink decorations like these with blocks of white to break up the colours.

It’ll still look cute and romantic but it’ll look much, much classier than a pure red colour scheme. Perfect for a Valentine’s Day party for adults who like the day but don’t want to celebrate it in all its garish glory!

Valentine's Party Ideas for Adults

Add rose petals and a couple of hints of gold

What could be more romantic than scattered rose petals? Red rose petal confetti like this will look lovely scattered across your tables or along your mantelpiece – a simple Valentine’s Day party idea that’s guaranteed to look elegant and classy!

We also love this XOXO bunting and this LOVE sign that quite frankly, we’ll like to keep all year round!

Valentine's Day Love Sign

Valentine’s Day party food ideas for adults

Stylish themed party food

Don’t go overboard with themed party food for a Valentine’s Day party for grown-ups – but throwing in a couple of Valentine’s themed snacks can look very cute and stylish.

How about a couple of bowls of Haribo hearts or a red organza bags like this filled with red chocolate hearts as a party favour for each guest?

Valentine’s Day candy buffet

If you do want to go all out with themed party food, go for a stylish candy buffet display. Fill different sized sweet jars with red and pink sweets and leave out paper sweet bags and scoops for your guests to help themselves to the sweet treats. Take a look at our Valentine’s Day candy buffet ideas for more inspiration and to pick up your candy buffet supplies.

We hope we’ve given you enough Valentine’s Day party ideas for adults to help you throw a classy party on February 14th! 

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