Classy Hen Do Ideas: How to Plan a Sophisticated Celebration

Classy Hen Do Ideas

If the thought of a tacky hen do make you want to run a mile in the opposite direction, this post is for you!

With help from our beautiful new range of Team Bride hen party accessories, we’ve put together a collection of classy hen do ideas that any bride will love. And we promise, there are no L plates or willy straws in sight!

Read on for the best ways to plan a classy hen party with minimal stress!

How to plan a sophisticated hen do

Pick a theme/location

First things first, pick a classy hen do theme. Grown-up, non-tacky hen dos are rising in popularity so there are so many options to choose from – perfect if a wild night out isn’t your thing. Here are a couple of our favourites!

  • Spa weekend
  • Glamping weekend
  • Cultured city break
  • Yoga retreat or “zen party”
  • Murder mystery weekend
  • Bottomless brunch
  • Cocktail class
  • Cookery class
  • Afternoon tea

If your hen do involves food (which we’re sure it will at some point!) these Team Bride napkins would be a lovely addition to your buffet table.

Hen Do Napkins

Or how about these Team Bride cups? Best paired with these gorgeous rose gold straws!

Team Bride Cups

Decorate with classy hen party decorations

If your venue calls for decorations, keep them classy and sophisticated! Rose gold is the colour of the moment and definitely fits the bill of ‘classy’. This Team Bride bunting would look stunning hung on the walls of your hen do venue (paired with a couple of gorgeous rose gold fan decorations). As far as non-tacky hen do décor goes, this is spot on.

Classy Hen Night Decorations

Fans are super stylish decorations too – particularly when they’re hung together, slightly haphazardly and slightly overlapping.

Classy Hen Do Decorations 2

When you’re looking for classy hen do decorations, don’t rule out balloons. These Team Bride balloons are perfect in their simplicity and would look lovely tied to the backs of chairs or in a bunch. Just remember the golden rule of a sophisticated hen do – less is always more.

Hen Do Balloons

Gather some classy hen party accessories

As we said earlier, there will be no L plates in this post. But that’s not to say that a couple of classy hen do accessories can’t be a fun addition to your hen do celebrations. We absolutely love this gorgeous bride-to-be sash – and pastel pink and rose gold makes a super stylish combination.

Bride to Be Sash

You could even get the rest of your hen party to wear these gorgeous Team Bride sashes – they’re super classy but still embrace the hen party spirit!

Team Bride Sashes

And these stunning hen do badges would be a lovely way to make all your guests feel included in your hen do. From mother of the bride and maid of honour to members of ‘team bride’, there’s a badge for everyone.

Hen Do Badges

Also fun are these cute Team Bride glasses – perfect for handing out to your guests and posing for a few funny photos!

Team Bride Glasses

Or how about these Team Bride tattoos? They’re a lovely way to show your support for the bride and easy to remove the next day!

Team Bride Fake Tattoos

These Team Bride crowns would make a cute addition to your hen party accessories – give one to each hen to wear during the party!

Team Bride Crowns

We love these rose gold crowns too – they’re a quirky yet classy addition to your celebration!

Rose Gold Crowns

Plan some classy hen party games

Now the planning for your classy hen do is in full swing, it’s time to think of some classy hen party games!

How well do you know your fiancé?

Everyone sends in photos of their partners’ body parts (hairline, eyes, lips, nose, ears, knees, elbows, feet and hands) in advance. Then line up all the noses, etc, and the bride has to guess which one is her fiancé. It’s harder than it sounds!

The memory sack

Everyone buys a gift that reminds them of a memory they share with the bride. Put them all in a sack and as the bride picks each one out, she has to guess who it is from and what is the memory. This is a brilliant ice breaker if not everyone knows each other and is guaranteed to get lots of laughs!

Prosecco pong

A classy hen night is not the place for beer pong. Prosecco pong, however…

Mr and Mrs quiz

The Mr and Mrs game is a bit of a cheesy hen do staple but it always produces lots of laughs. Simply decide on a set of questions about the groom, ask him the questions and write down his answers. Then ask the bride the same questions and see how many she gets right!

Hen party photo booth

A photo booth is a fun way to capture some memories of your hen night – either set up a proper photo booth just hand out these sophisticated hen do photo props and get posing!

Hen Do Photo Props

Ready to start planning your own hen party? Visit Party Delights to pick up all the Team Bride party supplies featured in this post or stay on our blog for even more hen party ideas!