Christmas Tree Jumper Tutorial

‘Tis the season to be jolly and what better way to spread Christmas cheer than with a great big cheesy Christmas jumper!

And we’ve got a really easy DIY jumper idea here that’ll knock all the others out of the park – a Christmas tree jumper that’ll make you look like a Christmas tree! All you need is green jumper (perfect if you’ve already got one in your wardrobe – and cheaper!) and some tinsel and baubles to decorate it.

DIY Christmas Tree Jumper

Start off by wrapping one long piece of gold tinsel around the body of the jumper and pinning it in place. It helps if someone wears the jumper while you attach the tinsel so that you can make sure everything lines up.

Then cut four short-ish pieces of tinsel and wrap them around the upper and lower parts of your arms. Do this on both arms and make sure the tinsel is in the same position on each one.

Once the tinsel is securely pinned in place, start untying the string on your baubles and refastening them onto the tinsel. You’ll really see the Christmas tree starting to take shape by now!

Finally, borrow the star off the top of your tree and pose for a photo in your brand new Christmas tree jumper!

DIY Christmas Tree Jumper

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