Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

We LOVE the Christmas Eve box tradition!

It’s a lovely way to start the festivities early and if your lot get rather excitable the night before Christmas, they’ll love not having to wait as long to open their first present!

Simply choose a gift box, fill it with goodies and give it to you children on Christmas Eve. Read on for inspiration if you’re looking for Christmas Eve box ideas this year!

Choose a box!

Part of the fun of making a Christmas Eve box is choosing the box itself! We absolutely love these stackable gift boxes – they’re not too big so they’re perfect for filling with small gifts on Christmas Eve. And they’re SO cute! If you’ve got more than one child, you could choose a different character for each one.

Stackable Santa Gift Box


Next, fill it with treats!

Once you’ve chosen a box, it’s time to fill it with small gifts to open on Christmas Eve! The idea of a Christmas Eve box is to fill it with treats, games and activities to keep the kids entertained while they’re waiting for Father Christmas. They don’t need to be big or expensive gifts – just fun ones!

Christmas Eve Box

What to put in a Christmas Eve box

Not sure what to put in a Christmas Eve box for kids? Here are some ideas!

Santa Christmas Eve Box

What to Put in a Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Box Ideas

Let us know what you’ll be putting in your Christmas Eve boxes this year! And for even more Christmas ideas, stay on our blog! 



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