Magical Christmas Eve Box Ideas For Kids

Festive Christmas Eve Boxes

At Party Delights, we love Christmas Eve boxes! This cool Yuletide trend is a great way to get the festive fun started early, particularly if your little ones can’t wait for the big day.

It’s sort of like a stocking, except you open it the night before. With just a few small gifts, you can keep your child’s excitement in check and make sure they’re entertained the night before Christmas morning.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? Would you like to know how can you create the perfect Christmas Eve box? Well, it’ll take just three simple steps!

Choose your box

The box itself needs to be an exciting thing to find. How you achieve this is up to you. It could be as simple as taking a shoe box and wrapping it in Christmas paper. Or, you could go for one of these visually spectacular stackable boxes.


Reindeer, Elf and Snowman Christmas Eve boxes

As you can see, you’ve got plenty of options! You could give your child an early visit from Santa, pass the responsibility to one of his elves, let Rudolph take the reins or even bring a snowman in from the cold.

If you’ve got more than one child, or you’ve got the whole family staying over for the holidays, why not go for a selection of Christmassy characters and work the unboxing into a fabulous Christmas activity? Whichever you choose, you’ve got plenty of space to store all manner of seasonal surprises.

Speaking of which…

Fill it with festive treats

It’s time to decide what to put in your Christmas Eve box. The contents will vary depending on how old the children receiving them are. We’re sure you’ve got plenty of little gift ideas they’ll love, and we’ve thrown a few of our own into the mix as well!

Sweets and chocolate

If you’re looking for a sure-fire hit, seasonal sweets are the way to go. From traditional chocolate coins to candy canes, there’s plenty to enjoy at this time of year!

Santa Christmas gift box full of sweets, chocolates and gifts


Festive pyjamas are a great idea for a Christmas Eve gift box, because they can be used pretty much straight away! Your children will feel super Christmassy as they head off to bed, plus they’ll be appropriately dressed when they run downstairs to check out what Santa’s left for them.

A Christmas film

Want an easy way to keep everyone quiet for a couple of hours on Christmas Eve? Simply pop a classic festive film into your gift box!

Whether they’re laughing at Will Ferrell in Elf, singing along to Frozen or getting lost in the magic of The Polar Express, you’ve certainly got plenty of options here.

A Christmas cookie cutter

Who doesn’t love cookies at Christmas? What’s great about a cookie cutter is it’s part of something you can enjoy together! Baking cookies with your little one is a perfect way to spend Christmas Eve. They’ll love cutting out all the shapes from the dough you’ve made!

Christmas Eve box including story books, chocolates and cuddly toys

Toys and games

Puzzles, arts and crafts, cuddly toys, stickers and activity books – these are just some of the ways you can keep your children entertained. Small toys and games fit perfectly in your Christmas Eve box, and can act as a sort of ‘starter’ before the main presents on Christmas Day.

A Christmas story book

Reading is a wonderful way for children to enjoy the magic of Christmas, and bookshops aren’t short of stories aimed at a younger audience. The Night Before Christmas, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Snowman, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe – the list is endless!

Maybe you have your own favourite tale that you could pass on to the next generation? For young children, reading them a Christmas story before bed is the perfect way to prepare for Christmas Day.

A fun Christmas activity book

Leave it for your little one to find

It’s up to you whether you let your child know your plans in advance, or keep their Christmas Eve box a secret until the day itself. Whatever you do, you’ll want to be there to see the smile on their face when they discover it.

You can certainly get creative when it comes to helping them find it. Putting it under the tree is a nice easy one and is sure to get them in a festive mood.

Or, you could put the box in their room to keep them occupied in that gap between teatime and bedtime, when their excitement is likely to be at its peak.

If you’re feeling really creative, you can place it outside your front door, ring the bell and then have your child answer it and be greeted by their Christmas Eve surprise!

However you choose to celebrate, we hope these ideas will help you create the perfect family Christmas Eve!

Originally published: November 2017

Updated: November 2019


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