Chinese New Year Games & Activities

Chinese New Year Party

Throwing a Chinese New Year party is a great way to learn about another culture and today we’ve put together a round-up of our favourite Chinese New Year games and activities for you to play at home or in school.

From easy crafts and DIYs to fun party games that aren’t too complicated for kids, take your pick and get the party started!

Give out fortune cookies

First things first, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without fortune cookies! Kids love them and they’re great fun to break open and find out what your fortune will be for the new year. Plus, parents will love how cheap they are – perfect for keeping the cost of your party down.

Chinese New Year Fortune Cookies

Play the chopstick game

Put your chopstick skills to the test with our next game! In this fun minute-to-win-it game you’ll race against each other to transfer as many sweets from one bowl to the other but there’s one condition – you can only use chopsticks!

For each player, you will need:

  • Pair of chopsticks
  • Two plastic bowls
  • Handful of sweets or mini marshmallows

What to do:

  1. Give each player a pair of chopsticks and two plastic bowls. Fill one of each player’s bowls with a few handfuls of sweets and to keep things fair, make sure each player has the same number of sweets in their bowl.
  2. Start the timer and give your players one minute to transfer as many sweets from one bowl to the other using only their chopsticks!
  3. Whoever transfers the most sweets in one minute wins a prize.

Good luck and if you like this game, why not try playing it with straws and mini marshmallows?

Make your own Chinese lanterns

For a quieter Chinese New Year game, how about making your own Chinese lanterns? They’ll be great party decorations and they’re really easy to make with our free printables – simply print them out and follow our step-by-step instructions to put your lanterns together.

Then thread them together with a piece of balloons ribbon and hang them along your walls or in your windows! If you’re interested in the meaning behind Chinese New Year decorations you can find the answers in our blog.

DIY Chinese Lanterns

Get a dragon piñata

Who doesn’t love playing piñata? And since dragons are such an iconic symbol of China, a dragon piñata like this would make the perfect Chinese New Year party game.

Simply fill the piñata with sweets and toys and hang it from the ceiling. Then take it in turns to bash it and if anything falls out, take a handful! And as for keeping your party on budget, we’d recommend getting a piñata kit like this that includes everything you need including a stick, blindfold, sweets and small toys.

Paint your face like this year’s animal

Celebrate the animal of the year with some face painting as a fun CNY activity!

All you need is some Snazaroo face paints like these and a couple of brushes and sponges to transform your children into monkeys, horses and tigers!

Play catch the dragon’s tail

Last up is a traditional Chinese New Year game that’s great fun for kids – catch the dragon tail!

Get all the children to form a line with their hands on the shoulders of the child in front of them. The child at the front of the line is the dragon’s head and the child at the back is the dragon’s tail. The aim of the game is for the dragon’s head to tag the dragon’s tail, and all the children in the middle must do their best to keep the chain in tact!

When the child at the back of the dragon gets tagged, they move to the front for their turn to be the dragon’s head.

If that’s not enough and you still want more Chinese New Year activities, remember that it’s good luck to clean your home in the days running up to Chinese New Year (although we can’t promise this will be fun!) as it will sweep away all the bad luck that’s coming to an end. (Just remember that it’s also bad luck to clean your home in the first few days of the new year as you’ll sweep away the good luck for the coming year).

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