Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

Children in Need Fundraising Ideas

We’re a big supporter of BBC Children in Need and this November we’ll be dressing up to raise loads of cash for a good cause!

But dressing up isn’t the only way to raise money for Children in Need – there are loads of easy ways to fundraise in your school or workplace that don’t require loads of pre-planning and effort.

Take a look at our collection of easy fundraising ideas for inspiration – from classics like raffles and sponsored silences to something a little different, you’ll find something for everyone, whatever your fundraising style!

Go to school or work in fancy dress

Dressing up in fancy dress is an easy way to get fundraising for Children in Need.

Ask everyone to pay £1 to come into work in costume and have loads of fun getting into character! Take a look at the official Children in Need fancy dress ideas and if you’re stuck for ideas, here are a couple of suggestions:

Party popper races

This is one of our favourite Children in Need fundraising ideas – party popper races! All you need is a big bag of party poppers like this and £1 off each person who wants to take part. Give each person an equal number of party poppers and then first person to pop them all wins!

Organise a bake sale

A bake sale will go down a treat for your Children in Need fundraiser! Ask everyone in your workplace to bring in a cake and remember that homemade or shop-bought is fine – anything goes as long as you have plenty of sweet treats to sell!

We’d recommend selling each cake for 50p and if you have any leftover at the end of the bake sale, leave out an honesty box to get rid of the final few.

Do a sponsored silence

We all know someone who we’re dying to recommend for a sponsored silence!

Get everyone to sponsor the office chatterbox to be silent for a whole day and you’ll be surprised how much money you’ll raise!

Hold a danceathon

Put the fun in fundraising with a danceathon! Pop on a favourite playlist featuring some of your childhood heroes and the longer you keep dancing, the more your sponsors have to pay up!

Bring and buy sale

Go back to your roots with a good old bring and buy sale. Donate something you no longer want that another bargain hunter might absolutely love!

Sponsored wax

Got hairy legs and feeling brave? Get sponsored to get it all waxed off and remember, even though it hurts, it’s all in the name of charity!

Give something up

Maybe you’re a chocoholic or a crisp fiend – if you’ve got something you can’t live without, why not give it up for a week?

When is Children in Need 2016?

Children in Need 2016 takes place on Friday 18th November, which is still plenty of time to get planning your charity event!

You’ll find loads of inspiration on the official Children in Need website – including their handy fundraising pack that’s full of costume tips and tonnes of other ideas for office fundraising.

Good luck with your Children in Need fundraising and for more money-raising tips, why not check out: