Children in Need Fancy Dress Ideas 2016

Children in Need Fancy Dress Ideas 2015

This year we’ll be supporting the BBC’s Children in Need by dressing up in fancy dress!

Children in Need is a great excuse to get dressed up and raise loads of cash for a good case and we’ll be asking everyone at Party Delights HQ to dress up and donate (as well as dishing out fines for anyone who doesn’t come into work in costume!)

There’s still loads of time to plan a brilliant costume so we’ve put together loads of ideas to give you a helping hand. Scroll down for inspiration and get ready to be a hero!

Childhood in Need fancy dress ideas

1. A character from your favourite TV show

Did you have a TV show that defined your childhood years?

Maybe you loved Bill and Ben or Rosie and Jim, or maybe you were crazy about Power Rangers and always played the red ranger in the playground!

Dressing up as your favourite TV character is great Children in Need costume idea – take a look at our whole range of film and TV costumes for inspiration.

Red Power Ranger Costume

2. Dress as the decade you were born in

If you’re stuck for Children in Need fancy dress ideas, why not dress like the decade you were born in?

You can have loads of fun with a really iconic decades costume and so much the better if you were an 80s baby! Kit yourself out in a brightly coloured shell suit and permed wig, and take a look at our full range of 80s costumes for more inspiration.

Women's 80s Costume - Children in Need Childhood Heroes

Men's 80s Costume - Children in Need Fancy Dress

3. Your favourite superhero

Why not become an ACTUAL superhero for Children in Need as well as a fundraising hero?

If you were a big fan of Batman or Superman as a youngster, why not use them as your Children in Need fancy dress costume?

Take your pick from our full range of superhero costumes and start practising your best ‘ready to save the world’ pose!

Batman - Children in Need Childhood Hero Costume

Superman Children in Need Costume

4. A character from your favourite book

Did you have a book you read again and again as a child? If you grew up in the noughties, you probably grew up obsessed with Harry Potter, but some books are childhood classics whatever decade you were born in.

Take Alice in Wonderland – it’s been a childhood classic for over 100 years and you can have loads of fun with it as a Children in Need costume idea.

Maybe you see yourself as good girl Alice or the Queen of Hearts to reflect the mischievous streak you had as a child! Take a look at all our Alice in Wonderland costumes for inspiration.

Alice in Wonderland Costume

Children in Need Queen of Hearts Costume

5.  A Disney princess

Who didn’t grow up with Disney? Whether you’re 24 or 44, chances are you spent many a lazy afternoon watching your favourite Disney films and singing along to your favourite songs.

Perhaps Cinderella or Beauty and the Beast was your favourite childhood film – and maybe you even had a Belle costume as a child! Take a look at all our Disney princess costumes to transform yourself into your favourite character (they’re not just for kids; we’ve got them for adults too!)

Disney Princess Costume Belle

Disney Princess Costume Cinderella

6. Your favourite popstar

Everyone can remember the first CD they bought (no matter how cringey it is!) so why not dress up as your favourite childhood popstar for Children in Need 2016?

Maybe you had your own dance routine to ‘Wannabe’ or remember the playground being divided by the legendary Blur/Oasis chart battle.

Take a look at our whole range of popstar costumes and get ready to relive your youth!

Geri Ginger Spice Girls Costume

Victoria Posh Spice Girls Costume

We hope we’ve got you inspired to dress up for Children in Need 2016!

The big appeal night is Friday 18th November so you still have plenty of time to get your costume ready and raise lots of cash for a brilliant cause!

Take a look at Children in Need’s official fancy dress ideas for more inspiration and for even more fundraising tips, check out: