How to Make a Witch Costume on a Budget

Cheap Witch Costume Ideas

Witch costumes are a Halloween classic but how do you put one together on a budget?

Well, it’s easier than you think! Take a look at our cheap witch costume ideas for inspiration – we’ve combined a couple of things you’ll already have at home with some great value witch accessories to help you make an impressive costume for very little money and effort.

You’ll find everything we used in our great collection of witch accessories – perfect for recreating this easy Halloween look at home. Let’s get started!

1. Put on a plain black dress

The foundation of every witch costume is a plain black dress. This can be any style depending on what type of look you’re trying to go for – it really doesn’t matter.

If you’re using an old dress and don’t mind scruffing it up a bit, we’d suggest cutting a zigzag pattern around the bottom hem to make it more jagged and spooky.

2. Grab a witch hat

Next up, you’ll need a hat. You can pick one like this up really cheaply or this gorgeous tall and twisty hat, but if you’re making a last-minute costume and it’s too late to buy one, find out how to make your own here. That’s your basic costume sorted and now it’s time to accessorise!

Cheap Witch Hat

3. Put witch shoe covers over your shoes

The key to a good costume is the detail and you don’t have to miss out on this if you’re putting together a cheap witch costume.

Shoes covers like this slot right over your shoes, giving the illusion of pointy witch boots for a fraction of the cost. Aren’t they great?

Cheap Witch Shoe Covers

4. Green and black stripy tights

Next up, it’s your tights! Stripey ones like this are a really cheap way to make your witch costume that little bit more funky and and a bright colour like green or purple that really stands out will be perfect.

Plus, tights are perfect for keeping your legs warm on a chilly October night out!

Stripy Witch Tights

5. Get a broom

Finally, you’ll need a broom! You might have one lying around in your garden shed but if not, one like this will be a really cheap addition to your costume.

(PS. Don’t throw it out after Halloween – you could always re-use it for some Harry Potter fancy dress!)

Witch Broom

Easy witch make up tutorial

For an even more impressive addition to your cheap witch costume, why not have a go at our easy witch makeup? Perfect if you’re dressing up like Elphaba (aka. the Wicked Witch of the West), it’ll instantly transform any witch costume. How could you not stand out with a face that green?!

Follow our simple video tutorial to find out how to create the look, including how to achieve this gorgeous smoky eye effect.

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