4 Cheap Vampire Costume Ideas

Cheap Vampire Costume Ideas

Fancy dressing up as a vampire this Halloween?

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on your costume, take a look at the cheap vampire costume ideas we’ve put together below. We’ll show you how to use clothing to already have at home and a couple of cheap fancy dress accessories to make a really impressive costume that won’t cost an arm and a leg.

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1. Wear some fancy clothes

Vampires are known for being well-dressed, which makes dressing up as a vampire for Halloween fairly easy if you already own some smart clothes.

If you’re a guy, put on a smart pair of black trousers and a white shirt. And if you’re a girl, put on your poshest dress (floor-length is ideal but make the best of what you already have at home). This is a really cheap vampire costume idea that will make you look 100% stylish too! Remember to wear lots of black and red.

2. Get a cheap cape

Next, get yourself a cheap cape like this one – a long black cape with a large collar is an iconic piece of vampire attire and will make you instantly recognisable.

Cheap Vampire Cape

3. Make yourself look pale

Vampire are dead, remember, so they’re known for being pale – this is really easy to do by dabbing on some white face paint like this with a makeup sponge.

Just don’t apply it too thickly as you don’t want your face to be completely white – just put on enough to give your face a ghostly pale edge.

If you’d like to do full-on vampire style makeup, check out our easy video tutorial with the fabulous Ashlea Henson. In the video she’ll guide you throw every step of creating this impressive vampire look with lots of expert tips and tricks thrown in along the way.

4. Finish off with fangs and fake blood

Finally, fangs and fake blood are a must if you’re dressing up as a vampire. And if you’re doing fancy dress on a budget, you can still pick these up quite cheaply.

Achieve a “fresh from the kill” look by dribbling some fake blood like this down each side of your lips and give the tube a couple of flicks to add some splashes around the mouth. And if you’ve forgotten to buy fangs, you can always paint some on over your black lipsticks with the white face paint you used earlier!

There are fangs in this makeup kit, which also has blood and coloured face paint – so most of what you need is right there!


If you wanted to try out some specific vampires, we have a tutorial for how to replicate those mischievous creatures from What We Do In The Shadows (the TV show). Or try out some of our other super easy and cheap costumes like the DIY Dark Angel and Medusa