How to Dress Like a Pirate for Less Than £20

Cheap Pirate Costume Ideas

Yar har matey! If you’re looking for pirate fancy dress ideas that won’t break the bank, you’ve come to the right place!

Today we’re going to show you how to put together an impressive pirate costume and still have change out of a £20 note.

We’ll show you how to mix and match our great value pirate accessories with items you already have lying around at home to create an authentic pirate look that’ll definitely have you in the running for ‘best costume’ at your next fancy dress party. And what’s more, we’ll show to you how to do it all on the cheap.

How to put together a cheap pirate costume

Scruff up an old t-shirt

Cost: £0

The first part of making your pirate costume doesn’t cost anything at all. Simply take an old t-shirt that you already have lying around at home and scruff it up a bit to give it more of a pirate look. To do this just take a pair of scissors and cut a zigzag pattern across the bottom of the torso and the sleeves like we did when we showed you how to make homemade pirate costume. We used a white t-shirt but a black or brown one would work just as well. Do the same to an old pair of black trousers to complete the look.

Homemade Pirate T-Shirt

Don a wig

Cost: £6.99 

The next key part of dressing like a pirate is the hair. Our Jack Sparrow style wig already comes with a bandana attached so you won’t need to buy one separately and it’ll instantly transform you into a swashbuckling pirate. If you’re a guy, let your stubble grow in the week before the party to add to the scruffy pirate look.

Cheap Pirate Wig with Scarf

Add buckles to your shoes

Cost: £3.99 

Our attachable pirate shoe buckles are a great value way to add detail to your pirate costume on a budget. Simply put on a pair of black shoes and slide the shoe buckles on top (the elastic will help keep them in place). A great way to build up your costume without spending a fortune.

Pirate Shoe Buckles for a Cheap Fancy Dress Costume

Put on an eye patch

Cost: 35p

You’re not a true pirate without an eye patch and our plastic eye patches cost literally pennies! We did say our cheap pirate costume was cheap!

Cheap Pirate Eye Patch for a Costume on a Budget

Wear an earring

Cost £1.10

A plastic hoop earring like this one is another great way to add detail to your cheap fancy dress costume and it’ll go really well with the Jack Sparrow style wig. Perfect for a scallywag about to set sail on the high seas.

Cheap Pirate Earring

Grab your hook

Cost: £4.99

Finally, a hook like this will really help you get into character as a pirate! It can be quite difficult to do anything else once you’ve got it on so we’d recommend putting it on last!

Pirate Hook and Sleeve


And there you have it – a cheap pirate costume for just £17.42! Have we inspired you to dress up as a pirate for your next fancy dress party? Pick up all the items featured in this post in our great range of pirate fancy dress.



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