Try These Cheap Halloween Costume Ideas For Under £20

Cheap Halloween costumes

Here’s the situation. You need a Halloween costume, but you don’t want to spend loads on it. Having said that, you also want it to be good. Is that too much to ask? Well, once you’ve seen these cheap Halloween fancy dress ideas, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised how far your budget will go!

We’ve picked out a selection of awesome outfits that you can buy for under £20 (including delivery). Let’s find a quick and easy solution to your Halloween needs! 

The Zombie Nun

Zombie nun Halloween costume

Here are two words you wouldn’t normally expect to see together. This zombie nun is a great option if you want to think outside the box for your ladies Halloween costume. Put it this way, we’ve yet to hear of a Halloween party where there were two zombie nuns!

The Skeleton Reaper

Young girl wearing a skeleton grim reaper outfit with skull print bodysuit, tutu and cape as well as a hood and scythe

Then there’s this cute kids’ skeleton reaper outfit, which comes with a fun tutu and cloak.

The Wicked Witch

Cheap women's witch Halloween costume

When it comes to witch costumes, you could argue there are three essential elements. We’re talking about a pointy hat, a black cape and of course, a broomstick. That’s exactly what you’ll get with this budget witch accessory kit. This really is the classic witch look and an easy winner for any Halloween party!

Cheap girls' witch Halloween costume

Of course, your kids might want something with a little more colour. This vibrant girls’ witch costume is decorated with splashes of pink, blue and yellow, so it fits the bill nicely! You can even add this little broomstick as a prop for them to play with.

The Grim Reaper

Cheap Grim Reaper Halloween costume

He’s usually the last thing you’d want to see at a party, but Halloween is a bit different for the Grim Reaper. This quick and easy kit has everything you need to complete your transformation into everyone’s favourite harvester of souls, with a black hooded cape, mask and scythe all available for under a tenner!

The Zombie Convict

Cheap zombie convict Halloween costume

You’re a zombie and you’ve just broken out of jail. What do you do first? That’s right, you find a party! This zombie convict outfit is fairly simple, really. A striped prison jumpsuit, plus a few splashes of fake blood is all you need for a quick, comfy Halloween costume.

The Scary Vampire

A little girl growling while wearing a vampire costume

Say what you like about vampires, they definitely know how to dress! This cool gothic outfit is sure to keep your little one happy, with bold red and black colours helping them fit in with the spooky Halloween vibe.

The Undead Mermaid

Young girl wearing a long sleeved black velour dress with a mermaid skeleton print and flared net fishtail skirt, holding a trident and wearing a crown

Here’s a budget girls’ skeleton mermaid costume that really packs in a lot of detail – just look at the gorgeous velour detailing and sheer hem! Your little one will love everything about it, and you can buy the matching trident with it for less than £20.

The Ghostly Ghoul

Cheap ghost Halloween costume

Do you believe in ghosts? Well, you will after you’ve seen this ghoulish kids’ costume, complete with a terrifying mask that’s sure to give everyone a fright. The large, droopy sleeves also help to create a proper ‘ghost’ effect, so your mischievous little one will have a great time jumping out at friends and family at your Halloween party.

The Zombie Schoolkids

Cheap zombie schoolboy Halloween costume

Whether your kid loves school or hates it, chances are they’ll find these zombified school uniforms a whole heap of fun this Halloween. There are outfits for boys and girls, so there’s something for everyone! Why not help them practise their best zombie walk to get them into character?

The Deadly Dracula

Cheap Dracula Halloween costume

What’s that? A cheap Halloween outfit featuring one of the spookiest fictional characters ever created? Count us in!

This kids’ Dracula outfit comes with the instantly recognisable collar, cape and waistcoat, so it’s perfect for the creepiest night of the year. 

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