Building Block Party Ideas

LEGO Party Ideas

Today we’re bringing you our ultimate collection of building block party ideas – a timeless kids’ party theme.

Think bright primary colours, building blocks and easy party DIYs that will instantly impress your guests. We used our block party supplies and loads of LEGO bricks – and we’ve even thrown in some free printables to help you throw an amazing party on a small budget.

Building blocks at the ready for the most awesome party of the year!

Setting up your building block party

It goes without saying that if you’re throwing a building block party, make sure you use some bricks! Start with some building block party supplies like these for all your party essentials like plates, cups and napkins, and then use LEGO bricks to build some unique additions to your party.

We love this DIY napkin holder – it’s really easy to make and all you need is some multi-coloured bricks. Simply stack them up and pop in some block party napkins like these for a really unique party idea!

LEGO Napkin Holder

Keep your party food simple

As far as building block party food goes, it doesn’t have to be really complicated and time-consuming. These brownies are simple but genius and you’ll have your guests raving about them!

All you need is some homemade or shop-bought brownies and a couple of packs of coloured icing (stick to primary colours).

Then just cut your brownies into squares and rectangles to represent the different shaped bricks and cover them in red, green, blue and yellow ready-to-roll icing. Complete the building block look with small balls of icing pressed down on top.

LEGO Brownies

Look how well these brownies match our block party supplies – your guests will definitely be impressed with your efforts and you needn’t tell them how easy the brownies were to make!

LEGO Party Supplies

Building block brownies video tutorial

If you fancy making these brownies yourself, watch our step-by-step tutorial to find out exactly what to do.

Use LEGO men as candle holders

This is one of the cutest party ideas we’ve found – LEGO men as candle holders!

All your child’s old LEGO will come in very handy for this idea. Just don’t light the candles while your LEGO men are holding them. For safety, keep them as cute party decorations or cake toppers.

LEGO man holding a candle

Play some party games

Party games are essential for keeping little guests entertained. Here are our favourite party game ideas for a LEGO-themed birthday party.

Build a LEGO tower

Sit everyone in a circle and give each child a handful of bricks. One by one, each child adds a brick to the tower. Build it as high as you can and if it topples over on your go, you’re out!

Guess how many bricks are in the jar

Fill a jar with bricks and let each child guess how many there are. Whoever’s guess is closest wins a prize.

Scavenger hunt

This game can be played indoors or outdoors. Hide a bunch of LEGO bricks all around the house and whoever finds the most within the set time limit wins!

Send your guests home with themed party bags

Finally, give your guests a treat to take home! It’s easy to turn ordinary paper bags like these into building blocks and they’ll match your party theme perfectly.

Simply cut out six paper circles per party bag and stick them on with a loop of cello tape so they’re slightly raised and look like a brick.

Then download our free printable party bag labels, fill each bag with sweets and small toys and give them to your guests!

LEGO Party Bags


Ready to throw your own building block party? Head over to Party Delights to pick up all the block party supplies we used in this post or stay on our blog for more party ideas: