Brussels Sprout Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Brussel Sprout Christmas Party Theme Ideas

Whether you love them or hate them, Christmas means Brussels sprouts! So today we’re throwing a whole party dedicated to our favourite festive veg!

We love this quirky Christmas party theme and all the fabulously festive items we used come from our new range of Botanical Sprout party supplies. Read on for inspiration for a beautiful Brussels sprout themed party!

Brussels sprout party ideas


First up is the essentials! These Brussels sprout themed paper plates would be perfect for any Christmas buffet – either in the run-up to Christmas or on Christmas Day itself!

Brussel Sprout Christmas Party Plates

Don’t forget these Brussels sprout napkins too!

Brussel Sprout Christmas Party Napkins

Place cards

If you’re giving your Christmas dinner decorations a Brussels sprout theme, these Brussels sprout place card holders are a must!

Brussel Sprout Christmas Place Card Holders

Party poppers

For something fun and quirky, how about these Brussels sprout party poppers? They’re perfect for scattering across the table at Christmas dinner as a homage to the Christmas veg that everyone loves to hate!

Brussel Sprout Christmas Party Poppers


Why not go all out and decorate your whole party with Brussels sprouts? We love this funny Brussels sprout snow globe and you can re-use it year after year!

Brussel Sprout Snow Globe

Paper chains are a Christmas classic so why not put a quirky twist on your Christmas decs with these Brussels sprout paper chains?

Brussel Sprout Paper Chains


Giving out some presents at your Brussels sprout themed Christmas party? Then these sprout themed gift tags are a must!!

Brussel Sprout Gift Tags


Last but not least, what’s Christmas without a cheesy joke or two? This box of Brussels sprouts Christmas jokes is perfect for Christmas dinner or using as a stocking filler!

Brussel Sprout Christmas Jokes

Ready to throw your own sprout themed Christmas party? Pick up everything we used in our range of Botanical Sprout Christmas party supplies or stay on our blog for even more Christmas party ideas!