Bow or Bow Tie Gender Reveal Party

Bow or Bow Tie Gender Reveal Party

If you love a good surprise, a gender reveal party is a fun way to reveal whether your baby is a boy or girl!

And today we’re going to show you how to throw a super cute gender reveal party with our Bow or Bow Tie party supplies – a party theme that doesn’t give anything away until the big reveal!

Read on for decorating ideas, games, party food and most importantly, exciting ways to reveal your baby’s gender to your guests!

How to throw a gender reveal party


The whole point of a gender reveal party is to keep the gender top secret until the big reveal – so make sure your decorations don’t give anything away!

Keep your guests guessing with this little man or little miss banner, balloons and hanging decorations. Don’t give any clues until the big moment!

Gender Reveal Party Decorations

Party food

Next up is party food! For the most part you can serve regular part food but it’s fun to add a couple of themed snacks that tie in with the baby gender reveal theme.

We love these question mark cake toppers – they keep everyone guessing whether your baby is a little man or little miss! You could even decorate your cupcakes with these cute  baby grow sugar decorations – they’re available in pink and blue to help you keep the gender a secret!

Gender Reveal Cupcakes

Serve your party food on this adorable bow or bow tie tableware – mixing and matching little man and little miss accessories will help build anticipation for the big reveal!

Bow or Bow Tie Gender Reveal Party Supplies

Baby prediction cards

Part of the fun of a gender reveal party is guessing what the new baby will be like! And you can turn this into a fun game with our free baby shower prediction cards. Ask everyone to fill out their predictions and give the cards to the mum-to-be to keep as a lovely souvenir of the party. Of course, you won’t find out who wins until the baby is born!

Baby Shower Prediction Cards

Gender reveal ideas

Now for the big reveal! This is the most important part of your gender reveal party so here are some of our favourite ways to make the surprise extra special!

Bake a  gender reveal cake

We LOVE this idea – when you go for your scan, ask the nurse to write down the baby’s gender and put it in an envelope. Give the envelope to whoever’s baking the cake so that they can dye the sponge pink or blue. All will be revealed when you cut into the cake!

Gender Reveal Cake

Gender reveal confetti box

This gender reveal idea takes a little advanced prep. Fill an old cardboard box with pink or blue confetti (the more, the better). Close the box with tape and attach some string to each flap. Hang the box from the ceiling and when the mum-to-be pulls on the string, the gender will be revealed!

Gender reveal balloon release

Before the party, fill a box with pink or blue balloons filled with helium. When you open the box in front of all your friends and family, the colour of the balloons that float out will reveal the baby’s gender!

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