Blue & Gold Baby Shower Ideas

Blue and Gold Baby Shower Ideas

So you’ve been tasked with organising a baby shower… And now it’s time to planning the finer details!

From party food and decorations to party games and favours, there’s a lot to do and usually not much time! So to give you a helping hand, we’ve put together a guide to throwing a beautiful blue and gold baby shower. Read on for inspiration!


The first element of your blue and gold baby shower to plan is decorations! Everything we used to throw this baby shower comes from our range of Oh Baby party supplies – and one of our favourite pieces is this stunning ‘about to pop’ letter bunting. Hang it behind your buffet table for a wonderful focal point of your décor!

Gold About to Pop Letter Bunting

Another favourite are these cute ‘about to pop’ confetti balloons! They’re a super easy (and clever!) baby shower decoration that will definitely impress your guests.

About to Pop Blue Confetti Balloons

We’re a big fan of using tassel garlands for any kind of party – and baby showers are no exception! This one would look perfect at your blue and gold baby shower!

Blue and Gold Tassel Garland

Party food

When it comes to party food, it’s a good idea to ask other guests to contribute towards the buffet otherwise there can be a LOT of food prep to do!

And as for serveware, disposable plates and cups are always a good shout (i.e. less washing up!) These gorgeous gold plates would match your blue and gold baby shower theme perfectly!

Oh Baby Plates

Partying is thirsty work – and these Oh Baby cups are perfect for filling with juice or something stronger (depending on whether you’re sticking to non-alcoholic drinks).

Oh Baby Cups

If you’re serving finger food, napkins are a must! These white napkins adorned with an ‘Oh Baby’ motif make an ordinary party piece that little bit extra special!

Oh Baby Napkins

A party without cake is just a meeting… And baby showers are no exception! Whatever type of cake you decide to make, this ‘happy pushing’ cake topper will make it oh-so-Instagrammable.

Happy Pushing Cake Topper

If you’re planning to serve cupcakes (either homemade or shop-bought), these Oh Baby cupcake toppers are an easy way to spruce them up!

Oh Baby Cupcake Toppers

Revealing the baby’s gender

Lots of people use their baby shower as an opportunity to reveal their baby’s gender – so here are a couple of unique ways to do it!

Gender reveal balloons

This is one of the most fun ways to reveal whether you’re having a boy or a girl! Start by filling one of these gender reveal balloons with blue or pink confetti (it comes with both to cover both eventualities). Then when you’re ready to make the big reveal, give it a POP!

Gender Reveal Balloon

Confetti cannons

Or how about giving everyone a confetti cannon like this (but don’t tell them which colour confetti it’s filled with) and on the count of three, everyone goes POP at the same time to reveal the baby’s gender!

Blue Gender Reveal Confetti Cannon

Gender reveal cupcakes

If you’re feeling particularly creative you could have a go at making gender reveal cupcakes! Fill each cupcake with pink or blue sprinkles, give one to each guest and on the count of three, everyone takes a big bite of cupcake to reveal the baby’s gender! Read the full tutorial here.

Gender Reveal Pinata Cupcake

Gifts & mementos

Last but not least, it’s a nice idea to have some little mementos to gift the mum-to-be!

This baby milestone blanket makes a lovely baby shower gift that the expectant mum can use to take photos of her newborn.

Baby Milestone Blanket

Or how about asking each guest to sign one of these building blocks and giving them to the mum-to-be as a lovely memento of her baby shower that she can display in the baby’s nursery?

Baby Shower Advice Blocks

Expectant mums always welcome advice so if you hand out these baby shower advice cards to your guests, they can write down their words of wisdom for the mum-to-be later on!

Baby Shower Advice Cards

Or how about going with a traditional baby shower guestbook like this? Make sure you leave it out for all your guests to write a message during the baby shower!

Baby Shower Guestbook


Last but not least, the finishing touches! Make sure you’ve got a lovely mummy-to-be sash like this for the main lady to wear during the baby shower!

Baby Shower Mummy To Be Sash

And to make all your guests feel included (and to help everyone get to know each other), how about giving each guest one of these baby shower badges?

Baby Shower Badges

If you fancy throwing a baby shower just like this, you can find everything we featured in this post in our range of Oh Baby party supplies.

Blue & Gold Baby Shower Supplies

And for even more inspiring baby shower ideas, stay on our blog!