Black & Gold Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial

Black and Gold Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial

Planning your masquerade costume?

We’ve teamed up with Instagrammer Justyna Pikor to show how to do an easy black and gold masquerade make-up look that’s perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to wear a mask all night!

Read on to find out what to do!

What you need

What to do

Start with a white eyeliner pencil and draw a thin line around the area that you want to paint black.

Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial

Next, take your black face paint and fill in the main part of the masquerade face paint design.

Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial 2

Now to add the finishing touches! Use lash glue to stick gold sequins all around the ‘mask’ area. Then stick a couple of feathers to your forehead and finish the look with red lipstick and a feather boa!

Masquerade Make-Up Tutorial 5

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