15 Best Star Wars Costumes for Kids & Adults

Best Star Wars Costumes

Looking for a good Star Wars costume? Look no further!

We’ve raided our Star Wars fancy dress to bring you a round-up of the best Star Wars costumes this side of the galaxy!

From the newest characters to old classics, read on for inspiration.

Kylo Ren

First up is Kylo Ren – the latest dark warrior to join the Star Wars universe. This Kylo Ren costume has everything you need to transform yourself into a dark warrior – just add a lightsaber!

Kylo Ren Costume

Looking for a Star Wars costume for your child? Here’s the kids’ version too!

Kylo Ren Costume

Darth Vader

You don’t the power of the dark side until you’ve dressed up as the ultimate Star Wars baddie – Darth Vader!

This Darth Vader costume includes a mask, cape, jumpsuit and a belt – just add a lightsaber!

Darth Vader Costume

This comes as a children’s Darth Vader costume too!


Darth Vader Costume

Princess Leia

“Help me Obi Wan, you’re my only hope!” Become the ultimate sci-fi princess with this Princess Lei costume, which includes a dress, belt and Leia’s iconic wig.

Princess Leia Costume

There’s even an adorable Princess Leia costume for babies!

Baby Princess Leia Costume


How about becoming a master of the Jedi with this official Yoda costume? This costume comes with a robe and a mask – just add a lightsaber to make it complete!

Yoda Costume

If you have a little one to dress up too, why not put them in this matching baby Yoda costume?

Baby Yoda Costume

Jabba the Hutt

Looking for an easy Star Wars costume that will turns lots of heads? How about this inflatable Jabba the Hutt costume? Your resemblance to the large slug-like creature from Return of the Jedi will be uncanny!

Jabba the Hutt Costume


Become the legendary wookie warrior and Hans Solo’s co-pilot on the Millennium Falcon with this official Chewbacca costume. The perfect outfit for restoring freedom to the galaxy!

Chewbacca Costume


Are you worthy of wearing the white armour and helmet of the evil empire? Stormtroopers are one of our best Star Wars costume and this official Stormtrooper costume comes with a jumpsuit and mask. The perfect costume for any true Star Wars fan!

Stormtrooper Costume

And of course, there’s a children’s stormtrooper costume too!

Stormtrooper Costume

Hans Solo

Why not channel your inner Harrison Ford with this official Hans Solo costume? Just what you need to become the captain of the Millennium Falcon!

Hans Solo Costume


Next up is one of the best costumes from Star Wars The Force Awakens – the much-loved character Rey! This official Rey costume includes a tunic, knee-length shorts, a belt, wrist cuffs and gauntlets. Then tie your hair in a bun to complete your transformation!

Star Wars Rey Costume


Last but not least, how about dressing up as BB-8? This BB-8 costume is one of our best Star Wars fancy dress costumes for kids and comes with a mask and tabard for a super quick and easy costume!

BB-8 Costume

And that’s it! Check out our full range of Star Wars fancy dress for even more Star Wars costume ideas. Or stay on our blog: