Best Scary Halloween Costumes

Best Scary Halloween Costumes of 2015

Want to really give your friends the chills this Halloween?

From spine-tingling to truly terrifying, today we’ve picked out this year’s best scary Halloween costumes to horrify and inspire you. Every costume ranks 10/10 on the scary scale so if you want to make your friends jump, you’ve come to the right place.

Keep ready for the best of 2015’s spooky costume collection and remember all the costumes featured are available in our huge range of Halloween fancy dress.

Come on, it’ll be a scream!

Anatomy Man Scary Halloween Costume

Anatomy Man Morphsuit

First up is our truly grotesque Anatomy Man morphsuit.

Morphsuits are perfect if you want to go all out for Halloween but don’t have the time to put together an elaborate costume.

Step out as Anatomy Man and you’ll look just as terrifying as if you spent hours preparing a costume!

This morphsuit doesn’t need anything else to go with it but if attention to detail is your thing, use some white face paint to draw thin bones along your hands and feet to make it look extra creepy.

Scare-factor: 100% gruesome


Crypt Keeper Scary Halloween Fancy Dress

Crypt Keeper

Next up is Crypt Keeper!

This really scary Halloween costume will terrify any poor soul who crosses your path and features a long black robe with a realistic skeleton ribcage and two skulls on the shoulders.

Complete with a horrifying skeleton mask (creepy expression much?) this is one Halloween horror you won’t want to answer the door to!

Complete this costume with a Halloween scythe or plastic axe and get ready to pick up your prize for scariest Halloween costume.

Scare-factor: Dead scary


Scary Clown Halloween Fancy Dress

Scary Clown

Take scary to the next level with our Bo Bo the Clown costume!

Not for the faint-hearted, this terrifying costume comes with a full over-the-head latex mask (complete with bulging eyes and a bone-chilling grin to terrify the bejeesus out of you).

Why not go one step further and through a whole creepy carnival themed Halloween party?

Your friends will be laughing on the other side of their faces when you jump out at them and if they weren’t afraid of clowns before, they will be now!

Scare-factor: The creepiest clown at the carnival for sure.


Scary Joker Halloween Costume

Scary Joker

There’s scary, there’s really scary, and then there’s this joker costume.

Perfect for anyone who wants to terrify everyone in their wake and be first in the running for the prize for best Halloween costume, this scary joker is no laughing matter!

Complete with a jumpsuit and terrifying over-the-head mask, strike your scariest pose and get ready to go!

Scare-factor: A true Halloween horror.


Soul Taker Scary Costume

Soul Taker

Prepare to meet your maker with this terrifying grim reaper costume.

This long black hooded robe comes with a creepy mask and gloves to complete your transformation into a Halloween horror.

Also available as a teen costume, finish off this scary look with a plastic axe or scythe to petrify everyone in your wake.

Scare-factor: Bone-chilling.



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