Best Places to Celebrate St Patrick’s Day Around the World

St Patrick's Day Costumes

The Irish truly know how to party, so it’s no surprise that St Patrick’s Day has become one of the biggest events in the global calendar.

And since they’re our closest neighbours, St Patrick’s Day celebrations in the UK have are an unmissable annual tradition!

From celebrations in pubs and bars across the country to parades and large public events, take a look at our round-up of the best St Pat’s Day events in the UK and some more unusual places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2017.

Where to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2017 in the UK


This year’s St Patrick’s Day celebrations in London will take place over three days between 17th and 19th March. The events will culminate in a huge St Patrick’s Day parade with a huge foray of pageantry, floats, marching bands and Irish dancers.

There’ll also be a free St Patrick’s Day festival in Trafalgar Square with comedy, Irish music, ceilidhs and dancing. It’s absolutely unmissable and undoubtedly one of the best places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in the UK (find out more about it here).


Liverpool has strong connections with Ireland, so it’s no surprise that St Patrick’s Day is a popular event in the city. Liverpool used to hold an annual St Patrick’s Day parade (until it was cancelled in the 1960s) but nowadays you’re more likely to find the locals drinking a Guinness or two in an Irish pub, or enjoying a St Patrick’s Day night out in one of the cities many bars and clubs.


Manchester is another city with strong Irish roots, and it celebrates St Patrick’s Day with an annual two-week Manchester Irish Festival. The highlight of the festival is undoubtedly the parade and year 40,000 lined the streets to turn Manchester green for the occasion.

Taking place on St Patrick’s Day weekend with musicians, dancers and community groups (both Irish and honorary-Irish!) parading down a two-mile route through the city, it’s definitely not to be missed. And if you’re heading down to the parade, make sure you look the part with some Irish-themed accessories!

Around the world

New York City

Funnily enough, the world’s largest St Patrick’s Day celebrations aren’t in Dublin – they’re in New York. And the celebrations are so big that they’ve even shown on national television in the USA.

Lasting up to six hours, the parade marches down Fifth Avenue with thousands of people lining the streets decked out in green, white and orange. There’s floats, dancers and bag pipers galore and gallons of green beer at the city’s many Irish bars.


Famous for being the most Irish city in America, Boston also hosts an annual parade. Held in South Boston, which is a predominantly Irish neighbourhood, these celebrations are also broadcast on live TV.


Munich is home to one of the largest St Patrick’s Day events on the European continent. Established in 1995, this year’s the parade takes place on Sunday 13th March and thousands of people are expected to turn out.

And some more surprising places to celebrate St Patrick’s Day 2016…

Buenos Aires

South America may seem an unlikely place to celebrate St Patrick’s Day but it’s actually home to the continent’s largest St Paddy’s Day celebrations. And even more surprisingly, it’s home to the world’s 5th largest Irish community.

There’s no parade but every year you’ll find a huge party of the Retiro district transformed into a giant street party full of music, dancing and craic.


It may be an unlikely place to celebrate the patron saint of Ireland, but St Patrick’s Day is also a big event in Tokyo. With plenty of colourful costumes, marching bands and floats, it’s one of the best places to celebrate on 17th March.


You could get further away from Ireland if you tried, but St Patrick’s Day is huge in Australia. Sydney hosts an annual St Patrick’s Day parade through the city, which is the world’s second largest St Patrick’s Day parade after New York City.

Like many parades, it usually takes place on the Sunday closest to 17th March and there’s always lots of music, food stalls and entertainment to keep the crowds entertained.

Will you be celebrating St Patrick’s Day 2017?

Head over to Party Delights to make sure you look the part with Irish-themed fancy dress and accessories and for more St Patrick’s Day ideas, take a look at:



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