10 Best Halloween Costumes of 2015

Best Halloween Costumes of 2015

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re stilling trying to choose a costume, you’ve come to the right place.

From hundreds of Halloween fancy dress costumes, we’ve narrowed it down to our ten favourite spooky outfits for men, women and children.

So whether you’re heading to a Halloween party or going out trick or treating, take a look at our top ten Halloween costumes of 2015 for inspiration!

Phantom of Darkness Halloween Costume

Phantom of Darkness

Let’s get Halloween 2015 off to a spooky start with our most terrifying costume of the year – Phantom of Darkness.

Perfect for anyone who wants to go all out on Halloween without putting in loads of effort, this all black costume will make you look truly bone-chilling.

We’d recommend completing this frightening outfit with a Halloween sythe like this for added fright factor.

Scare-factor: Utterly terrifying.

Day of the Dead Señorita Halloween Costume

Day of the Dead Señorita

Next up, it’s our Day of the Dead señorita costume.

Perfect if you like making a dramatic entrance, this Halloween costume is stylish, elegant and easily one of our favourites. And of course, completing your look with matching face paint is a must.

Day of the Dead is anticipated to be this year’s most popular Halloween fancy dress theme so why not throw a whole party around it?

Check out our funky range of Day of the Dead decorations for inspiration.

Scare-factor: Spooky but stylish.

Harlequin Honey Halloween Costume

Harlequin Honey

Transform yourself into a funky jester with this black, white and red harlequin costume.

Harlequins are one of our favourite Halloween costumes of 2015 because you can have so much fun with hair and make up!

We’d recommend donning a red and black jester wig like this and then painting your whole face paint. Then colour your lips in red and draw two black diamonds over your eyes (making sure you fill in your eyelids too).

Scare-factor: Not for people with a fear of clowns!

Bare Bones Skeleton Costume

Bare Bones

Sometimes the best Halloween costumes are the simplest ones, and this skeleton costume is instantly effective.

If you’re pushed for time but still want to look amazing at your Halloween party, go for a simple two-piece skeleton costume like this and then dress it up with funky hair and make up.

Check out our skeleton make up tutorial to find out how to do an easy yet impressive design to match your costume.

Scare-factor: Spinetinglingly simple.

Scary Clown Halloween Costume

Bo Bo Clown

Next up is the best most terrifying Halloween costume of 2015 – Bo Bo the Clown!

You’ll need nerves of steel to resist be frightened by a clown this scary and if you want to create your own scary clown look. remember it’s all in the face.

Complete your costume with a scary mask like this or if you fancy trying your hand at doing your own scary clown make up, take a look at our easy YouTube tutorial.

Scare-factor: Absolutely terrifying.

Pretty Potion Witch Costume

Pretty Potion Witch

Witch costumes are a Halloween classic and it’s super easy to make your own with a black dress and a selection of essentials witch accessories like this broom and black hat.

However, if you want to go all out, this Pretty Potion Witch costume is one of the best Halloween costumes of 2015.

Plus if you buy this costume as a kit, you’ll get your broom and black lipstick included.

As for make up, check out our sexy witch face paint tutorial on YouTube for some tips.

Scare-factor: Pretty perfect.

Prombie Queen Girls Halloween Costume

Prombie Queen

Our next best Halloween costume of 2015 is this Prombie Queen!

Perfect for teens, we love how you can take your zombie costume to the next level by going into character.

All you need to complete this spooky costume is some ghostly white face paint like this and a spooky black rose.

Scare-factor: Ghastly and glamorous.

Ghastly Ghoul Halloween Fancy Dress

Ghostly Ghoul

Ghosts are another Halloween classic but you can make yours even creepier with a scary mask.

A Ghostly Ghoul mask like this comes with a long white robe (much easier to wear than a sheet!) and a creepy skull mask.

Perfect for giving other trick or treaters the chills!

Scare-factor: Don’t look behind you!

Miss Matched Witch Costume

Miss Matched Witch

Next, our best children’s Halloween costume of 2015 has to be the Miss Matched Witch!

With a brightly coloured dress, stripey multi-coloured tights and a pointy black witch hat, your little one will look absolutely adorable when she goes trick or treating.

Scare-factor: Sweet and spooky.


Devil Boy Halloween Costume

Devil Boy

Finally, if you’re little one’s going through the terrible twos, turn him into a handsome little devil with our adorable Devil Boy costume.

Your toddler will look quite the cheeky little devil with a red devil onesie, horns and a tail.

Then just complete his costume with a plastic pitchfork like this and he’ll be all set for trick or treat!

Scare-factor: Devilishly delightful.

So that’s our top ten Halloween costume ideas for 2015! Remember you can pick them all up in our shop and if you want more inspiration why not check out: