10 Totally Rad 80s Dress Up Ideas

Best 80s Dress Up Ideas

Wondering what to wear to an 80s-themed party? Wonder no more!

The 1980s is a treasure trove of pop culture icons – from larger-than-life hairstyles and pop megastars to retro video games and legendary TV characters.

…And we haven’t even mentioned the shell suits yet!

So for anyone who wants to look fresh out of 1985, we’ve raided our 80s fancy dress for the best 80s dress up ideas. Read on for inspiration!

Best 80s dress up ideas

Michael Jackson

Let’s start with the king of pop and 80s icon, Michael Jackson!

There are so many iconic Michael Jackson costumes to choose from but this Thriller jacket (straight out of his unforgettable 1983 pop video) has to be our favourite.

Michael Jackson Costume


From the king of pop to the queen of pop!

Madonna has so many iconic looks but this outfit inspired by her 1983 video ‘Lucky Star’ has to be the most totally 80s!

80s Madonna Costume

Adam Ant

With his thick black eyeliner, red lipstick and crazy clothing, this Adam Ant costume is a staple for any 80s fancy dress party!

Don’t forget an Adam Ant wig to complete the look!

Adam Ant Costume

Freddie Mercury

Break free from boring costumes with this Freddie Mercury costume, inspired by Queen’s 1986 concert at Wembley! Just add a moustache and microphone to complete the look.

Freddie Mercury Costume


Remember Zippy? An icon on 80s children’s TV, this zippy costume is the perfect 80s dress up idea for anyone who was an avid viewer of Rainbow as a kid.

Zippy Costume

80s roller disco

It wouldn’t be an 80s fancy dress costume without neon and lots of it! Add roller skates and a brightly coloured wig to this 80s skater girl outfit for a look that screams 80s!

Women's 80s Costume


If arcade games bring back fond childhood memories, this Pacman costume is for you! A really easy 80s costume, wear plain black clothing underneath the yellow tabard to bring Pacman to life.

Pacman Costume


Love 80s video games? Why not get a group together and dress up as Tetris pieces?

Tetris Costume


Last but not least… When in doubt, go for a shell suit!

The epitome of bad 80s fashion, just add big hair and bold make-up to this pink shell suit for an extremely 80s look!

Women's 80s Shellsuit

Shell suits would make a great 80s couples costume – this blue shell suit is the ultimate 80s fashion faux pas and perfect for a fancy dress party!

Men's 80s Shellsuit

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