5 Beautiful DIY Balloon Ideas You Can Make At Home

Balloons decorated with colourful glitter designs

If you’re looking for a way to put a unique, personal spin on your party décor, how about designing your own balloon?

We’ve got plenty of great ideas you can use for all occasions, from birthdays to baby showers, and we’ve even given you a handy step-by-step guide, too!

To start with, let’s take a trip under the sea…

The Magical Mermaid

Plain white balloon with blue glitter mermaid design

As many parents will know, mermaid parties are kind of a big deal right now. This cute, sparkly balloon will really help you bring your mer-mazing theme to life. Now all you need is a colourful fancy dress costume and the Little Mermaid soundtrack and you’re ready to party!

How to make your balloon

You’ll need:

  • A plain foil balloon in the colour of your choice
  • This handy glue pen
  • Balloon glitter – and yes, we really mean ‘balloon glitter’. Regular glitter is too heavy for this job, and will stop your balloon from staying in the air.

How it works:

  1. Lay some sheets of newspaper over a big table. There’s going to be lots of glitter flying around, so this will make tidying up much quicker!
  1. Place your balloon flat on the table. We suggest you decorate the balloon before it’s inflated – it’s just easier that way!

Make your own balloon design - Step 1

  1. If you’re using one of our specially-made templates, print it out and cut out the shapes. Remember, you want to keep the big bit of paper and get rid of the bits you’ve cut out!
  1. Press your mermaid template down over the balloon and spread the glue across the exposed area of balloon. Make sure you don’t let any glue sneak under your template, or you’ll end up with a wonky mermaid!

Create your own mermaid balloon - Step 2

  1. Take the template away and sprinkle your balloon glitter over the glue.
  1. Leave it to dry and then gently pick up your balloon, letting any excess glitter fall onto the table.
  1. It’s time to inflate! If your balloon needs helium, you can find that here.

This guide will work for any of the balloon designs we’ve looked at here. If you’re not using a template, just draw the glue straight on!

The Mystical Unicorn

Unicorn balloon design

Like mermaids, unicorns are also a popular choice when it comes to children’s party themes. This colourful creature works best on a white foil balloon, but you could also use silver if you’re feeling fancy!

As you can see, it’s quite a detailed design, so this unicorn template will help you get everything looking perfect. If anyone asks, you can just pretend you drew it yourself!

The ‘Yay’ For Your Special Day

Got a special message you want to write onto your balloon? Obviously there are loads of different things you can say, but we’ve kept it fairly simple here and gone with ‘Yay’. We think it works for most parties!

When it comes to words, you can of course write them on freehand with a glue pen. However, if you’re not a fan of your handwriting, we’ve got a little template here you can use.

The Valentine’s Balloon

Love heart balloons decorated with glitter

These balloons are a nice touch for Valentine’s Day, or any day of the year when you feel like sharing the love! These fun designs are perfect for letting that special someone know how much you appreciate them, and they look great on these red and pink heart balloons.

The Fairytale Princess

Pink star balloons decorated with glitter

Your little princess’s party will be pretty in pink with these gorgeous fairytale star balloons. These work well as a theme on their own, or you can make some to go alongside the mermaid and unicorn balloons we created earlier.

Want more DIY party ideas?

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