Batman Party Games & Activities

Batman Party Game Ideas

So you’ve decided to throw a Batman party!

You’ve stocked up on Batman party supplies and now it’s time to plan some fun Batman party games and activities to keep your guests entertained.

We’ve put together our favourite Batman-themed games so take your pick and let us know which ones you’re going to try out!

Superhero obstacle course

Put your world-saving superhero powers to the test with a superhero obstacle course. Perfect for indoor or outdoor parties (as long as you’ve got plenty of room), set up a series of obstacles and see who can complete the course in the fastest time.

Here are a couple of easy ideas for obstacles:

  • Spin a hula hoop round your waist for ten seconds
  • Do five keepie uppies
  • Dribble a football round a series of cones
  • Do a forward roll
  • Shoot a basketball through a hoop

Pin the bat on the Batman

Everyone loves a a game of pin the tail on the donkey – it’s a kids’ party classic! So why not put a Batman-themed spin on it with pin the bat on the Batman?

All you need is a poster of Batman and some print outs of the bat that goes on the front of Batman’s suit (if you don’t want to go DIY, you can pick up a pin the bat on the Batman game like this). Whoever can stick the bat closest to where it should be (while blind-folded) wins a prize!

Batman says

This Batman game puts another twist on a party classic – Simon says! Nominate one person to be Batman and give the rest of the group instructions like ‘Batman says hop on one leg’ and ‘Batman says jump up and down’.

When Batman gives you an instruction that doesn’t start with ‘Batman says’, ignore it. Anyone who’s caught out will be out of the game! Play until there’s only one person left, who wins and will be the next Batman.

Batman vs Joker tug of war

If you’re throwing an outdoor birthday party, a Batman vs. Joker tug of war can be a fun team party game.

Split your guests into two teams and nominate two team captains – Batman and the Joker. Mark a line on the ground and whichever team can pull the other team over the line wins!

Kick wall

A kick wall is a really fun Batman party game, and it’s really easy to set up. All you need is a selection of old cardboard boxes, which you can usually pick up for free from a supermarket.

If you like, paint a brick design on each box and then stack them up to make a wall. Then give each child a turn at karate-kicking the wall to knock it down!

Superhero photo booth

For a calmer Batman party activity, how about a superhero photo booth? This works particularly well if your guests are in fancy dress!

All you need is a pack of photo booth props like this (preferably superhero-themed) and a corner of the room set up as a photo booth with lots of Batman-themed decorations and a scene setter like this as a backdrop.

Batman trivia

How about putting your Batman knowledge to the test with a Batman-themed quiz? Compile a list of Batman-themed questions (varying in difficulty) and split your group into teams. Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize!

Mr Freeze musical statues

Finally, how about a game of musical statues inspired by the Batman supervillain, Mr Freeze! Start the music, get everyone to dance and when the music stops, freeze!

Whoever gets caught moving while the music’s stopped is out!

Ready to start planning your Batman party? Now you’ve got plenty of Batman party games, head over to Party Delights to browse our full range of Batman party supplies. Alternatively, stay on our blog for even more kids’ party ideas!