What to Wear to an Australian Fancy Dress Party

What to Wear to an Australian Fancy Dress Party

So you’ve been invited to an Australian-themed fancy dress party but you’re not sure what to wear – help is at hand!

Whether you’re celebrating Australia Day on 26th January, supporting Australia in a sporting event or heading to an Aussie-themed party, take a look through our Australian fancy dress ideas for instant inspiration for what to wear.


Australia is famous for its crocs, so a crocodile costume definitely wouldn’t go amiss. Plus, it’s an easy costume to throw on if you haven’t got loads of time to plan your costume or get ready before the party. Grab a crocodile onesie like this and you’ll go from costume zero to costume hero in minutes!

Australian Costume Ideas - Crocodile


Ask someone to name an animal from Australia and we’ll bet you any money they say kangaroo (or koala, but our money’s on kangaroo).

Put a spring in your step with this kangaroo boxer costume – a brilliantly easy and funny outfit that’s perfect for an Aussie costume theme.

Aussie Costume Ideas - Kangaroo


As for its off land creatures, Australia’s coastline is infamous for its sharks. So why not make a splash at your Australian themed fancy dress party with this man eating shark costume?

This hilarious costume includes an all-in-one jumpsuit that’s half shark, half man, and is guaranteed to cause a splash!

Australian Fancy Dress Ideas - Shark


With thousands of miles of coastline, it’s no wonder that Australia is famous for its surf scene. All you need is a pair of Hawaiian shorts, flip flops and a boogie board (a surf board would be too big to carry round) to transform yourself into an Australian surfer dude.

Pop a cork hat on

Along with boomerangs and didgeridoos, cork hats are one of the most iconic things to come out of Australia. So for a quick and easy Australian dress up idea, pop a cork hat like this on your head and away you go!

Aussie Fancy Dress Ideas - Cork Hat

Dress up as a famous Australian

There’s no shortage of iconic Australians and an Aussie-themed costume party is a great opportunity to dress up as your hero from down under!

From Kylie Minogue and Dame Edna to Crocodile Dundee and Steve Irwin, take your pick from loads of famous celebs and get practising your best Australian accent!

Wear Aussie colours

If all else fails, dress yourself up in the Australian colours – blue, white and red for the flag, or yellow and green for their sports colours.

Drape a flag like this over your shoulders or pick up some face paints to paint your face like the flag. Then you’re ready to go!

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to choose your costume! And if you’re celebrating Australia Day party, take a look our Australia Day party ideas for inspiration.