Addams Family Costume Ideas

Header image of the Addams Family costumes including Morticia with long black hair and lace sleeves, Gomez with a moustache and striped suit, Pugsley and Wednesday Addams, and Uncle Fester in a cloak and mask

They’re creepy and they’re kooky, mysterious and spooky… and they make a brilliant group Halloween costume!

We love the Addams Family and they’re the only family we’d want to dress up as for trick or treat. Still instantly recognisable since they hit the big screen more than 20 years ago, there’ll be no mistaking who you are when you turn up at your Halloween party dressed as TV’s most macabre family!

We’ve taken all the featured costumes from our brilliantly realistic range of Addams Family fancy dress so if you’d like to recreate any of the looks below, simply head over to our shop.

Addams Family group costume ideas – the essential characters

If you’re thinking of going out in an Addams Family group costume, make sure you have each key member of the family covered!

That means there’ll need to be four of you to transform yourselves into the most iconic characters from the Addams Family and leave every other party guest quaking in their boots!

Woman with long dark hair wearing a long black Morticia Addams dress with draped lace sleeves

Morticia Addams

Elegant and mysterious, Morticia is the stern and aloof matriarch of the Addams Family.

She the wife of Gomez and the mother of Wednesday, and everyone will agree she’s the real head of the family.

Long dark hair and red lipstick are a must for your Morticia costume, as well as a long black dress like this one.

And if your hair doesn’t already fit the bill, don a wig to complete your transformation!

Take a better look at our Morticia costume here.

Man wearing Gomez Addams costume with purple and black striped suit, cravat and moustache

Gomez Addams

Always dressed in a dark stripy suit, Gomez is husband to Morticia and the patriarch of the Addams family.

So successful at whatever he does, the only thing Gomez seems to fail at is fail!

Make your costume a guaranteed success with a stick-on moustache and fake cigar to make you instantly recognisable.

Take a better look at our Gomez costume here.

Small girl wearing a Wednesday Addams costume, a black dress with white collar and red panels in the skirt with pale makeup and long black pigtails.

Wednesday Addams

No Addams Family group costume is complete without Wednesday – the daughter of Morticia and Gomez.

She’s aptly named after the well-known nursery rhyme line “Wednesday’s child is full of woe” and is best known for wearing a black dress with long pigtails.

She has a very dark personality so practise your best solemn look to go with your costume!

Take a better look at our Wednesday Addams costume here.

Young boy wearing a Pugsley Addams costume with black shorts, a striped top with collar and jacket, white face paint and messy hairPugsley Addams

Wednesday’s long suffering older brother, the oldest of the Addams children, Pugsley is just as likely to be tortured by his sister as he is to torture others!

You can play around a little more with the character of Pugsley – unlike Wednesday, he’s all about the mischievous fun!

See the Pugsley costume up close here.

A man wearing a Fester Addams costume - a long black robe with waist belt and 3D sculpted mask

Uncle Fester

Finally, complete your Addams Family group fancy dress with someone dressed as the eccentric Uncle Fester!

A long black robe fastened with a belt cord makes the basic costume, then all you need is a mask or some pale grey face paint and lots of black eye shadow!

Then practise your best deranged face to complete the look!

Take a better look at our Uncle Fester costume here.

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