How to Dress Like an 80s Punk

How to Dress Like an 80s Punk - Costume Ideas

Get ready to lead the anarchist revolution with our 80s punk costume ideas!

Whether you’re male or female, we’ll show you how to dress like an 1980s punk for your next fancy dress party.

From what to wear to how to do your hair and how to complete your outfit with punk-style accessories, we’ll give you all the ideas and inspiration you need to complete your transformation. Anarchy in 2015 starts here!

Punk costume ideas for men

You can really have some fun with punk fancy dress because it’s 50% about the costume and 50% about the attitude! Punk style is loud and in your face so make sure this is reflected in your clothing choices.

Many punks wore clothing with clashing patterns so plaid trousers like this from our Mr Anarchist costume would be ideal for an authentic look. You don’t have to go all black either – mix it up with red to create a really bold, in your face look.

Many punks emblazoned their clothing with provocative slogans just like the t-shirt below with a graffiti-style pattern on the front. True to ‘Anarchy in the UK’ and the anti-authority sentiment of the decade, defiled images of the Union Jack were also a common 80s motif – just like this jacket with a Union Jack on the sleeve.


Mr Anarchist 80s Punk Costume for Men


Once you have your basic punk costume, you can complete the look with punk accessories like this studded choker and these studded punk gloves. Anything with zips or studs will be ideal for your punk costume.

How to get punk hair

Next up, it’s the hair. The mohawk screams rebellion and anti-establishment and was the most iconic hairstyle of the 1980s. To avoid the drastic move of actually getting your hair cut into a mohawk, a wig like this will help you emulate 80s punk style exactly.

In terms of colour, anything goes as long as it’s loud and bright. And if the colours clash with your outfit, so much the better! Punks often accented their outfit with neon colours so if your outfit is all black, incorporate a bright neon wig as a standout piece.


80s Mohawk Wig


Be as creative as you want with your punk outfit and for more inspiration, take a look at our full range of 80s costumes for men.

Punk fancy dress ideas for women

Now for women’s punk costumes which are much along as the same lines as the men’s costumes but with a couple of twists.

Take this Ms Anarchist costume for instance – it incorporates loud, bright patterns like tartan and the Union Jack and similar accessories like a studded choker complete the look. Wripped fishnet tights like these add a bit of edginess and as for your make-up, go for thick black eyeliner and a dark red lipstick.

And remember, if we could give you one rule for dressing like a punk it’d be that clashing is better than matching!

Ms Anarchist 80s Punk Fancy Dress for Women

Then for your hair – back-comb it to create the classic, messy 80s look or invest in a wig that will instantly transform you into an 80s punk rocker. You could even temporarily dye your hair with some coloured hairspray like this to create a clashing multicoloured look.


80s Mullet Wig

We hope we’ve given you enough inspiration to start putting your punk fancy dress costume together.

To pick up all the items featured in this post and get hold of all the costume and accessories you need, browse our full range of 80s fancy dress.