8 Best Halloween Makeup Looks To Try This Year

Best Halloween Makeup Looks

If you love going all out for Halloween, you’ll know that face paint is the key to a truly spooktacular transformation.

And even though you may have found the perfect costume, the right makeup will take it to a whole other level!

Today we’ve put together a list of our best Halloween makeup tutorials for your inspiration – choose which makeup look you’d like to recreate, pick up some face paints and follow our step-by-step video tutorials for our expert face painting tips and tricks!

Day of the Dead

Sugar skull makeup is a must if you’ll be donning a Day of the Dead costume this year!

Spooky and sophisticated, it’s one of our favourite Halloween makeup designs and it’s not as hard as it looks to do it yourself. Simply paint your face white and then follow our video tutorial to add in the detail!

Wicked Witch

Put a wicked spin on your witch costume with this sexy witch makeup tutorial inspired by Elphaba, the Wicked Witch of the West.

Simply paint your face green, put on some red lipstick and follow Emma’s expert instructions for creating this spooky smoky eye look!

Scary Clown

Next up is this terrifying scary clown face paint! Guaranteed to give your friends the creeps, complete this scary look with some fake blood and tooth black like this to make your teeth look extra pointy and disturbing!


Are you ready for the zombie apocalypse? Join the living dead with this expert zombie makeup tutorial for Halloween!

Start with some white face paint to make yourself look deathly pale, and then add patches of purple face paint and face blood to make yourself look battered and bruised.

And if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, add some fake wounds like this to make yourself look extra gruesome.

Scary Doll

For something a little different, why not dress yourself up as a scary doll?

This spooky but cute Halloween makeup is really easy to do with a couple of basic colours and if you’re putting together a last minute costume, you could use purple eye-shadow and a black ink eyeliner to create this funky Halloween look with things you already have at home.

Then just put your hair in pigtails or grab a purple wig!

Creepy Skeleton

Follow our easy face paint tutorial to create this half-human, half-skeleton look that’s perfect if you don’t want to paint your whole face.

Put a white contact lense like this in one eye (on the side of your face that’s painted like a skeleton) for an extra creepy detail and then complete your transformation with a skeleton suit like this!

Halloween Bride

It doesn’t get much creepier than this zombie bride! Ghostly pale with tears of blood streaming from her eyes, follow our short video tutorial to create this haunting look with white face paint and black eye makeup.

Then complete the look with a black gown and a bunch of black roses like this.

Blood-Sucking Vampire

If a vampire costume is your Halloween attire of choice, give yourself this spooky makeover to make yourself look like you’ve just risen from the dead!

Black eyebrows and black lipstick will make you look instantly striking, then patches of purple and splatters of fake blood will make you look blood-suckingly

Follow Ashlea’s simple vampire makeup tutorial to find out exactly what to do.

Perfect Cat Eyes

Finally, if you’re going for a classic cat costume, watch our cat eye makeup tutorial to find out how to do the perfect flick!

Then complete this cute look with cat ears and some coloured contact lenses. Purr-fect!

Will you be trying out any of these looks? Head over to our YouTube channel for even more Halloween face paint ideas and for more spooky costumes ideas, take a look at: