6 Really Easy Building Block Party Food Ideas

LEGO is one of the easiest party themes to pull off well – and today we’re going to show you how to make some really really easy LEGO party food with minimal time and effort.

No more long hours in the kitchen before a birthday party – themed party food should be quick, easy and fun, full stop.

Read on for the easiest party food ideas to complete your LEGO party!

Building block brownies

Let’s start with our favourite LEGO party food idea – LEGO brick brownies!

They’re super easy to make with homemade or shop-bought brownies and ready-to-roll icing like this. Plus they taste great – simply watch our LEGO brownies step-by-step tutorial to find out what to do.


Building block cupcakes

Next up is LEGO cupcakes! Cupcakes are a party food staple and if you top them off with icing and a LEGO brick, they’ll fit your LEGO party theme perfectly!

You could even top them with these building block cake toppers so that every part of your cupcake is edible.


LEGO man cake

Or how about making this birthday cake that looks like a LEGO man?

It looks really impressive but it’s only a normal round cake covered in yellow icing. Simple but effective!


Building block cookies

If you fancy doing a bit of baking, try these LEGO brick cookies. All you need is a rectangular cookie cutter, a good shortbread recipe, some coloured icing and a pack of mini Smarties. Easy!


LEGO brick cakes

How about a birthday cake that looks like a LEGO brick? All you need is a rectangular cake tin and some ready-to-roll icing in a primary colour to cover it. Then mould eight balls of icing into shape for the bits on top.


Rice krispee building blocks

Finally, we love these Rice Krispee LEGO bricks! This is a particularly easy LEGO party food idea if you decide to use shop-bought rice krispee squares. Just cover them with icing and Smarties to complete the transformation into LEGO bricks!


And there you have it – loads of really easy building block party food ideas to try out at home. Stay on the Party Delights blog for even more kids’ party ideas:



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