5 Halloween Costumes You Won’t Have Seen in 2013

Disney Frozen

Halloween Costume Ideas 2014

If your Halloween costume ideas are running dry this year, don’t panic – scrap your same old vampire and witch costumes for these amazing costumes that didn’t even exist in last year.

Inspired by this year’s top film and TV releases, we’ll show you how to get a Halloween costume that’s all new for 2014. Simply scroll down to be inspired!

Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black was technically released mid-2013 but 2014 was when we couldn’t stop talking about it.

Dress up as your favourite inmate with a simple orange jumpsuit or beige scrubs and a little bit of added sass. You could even team up with your friends for a great group fancy dress idea!

Orange is the New Black


We don’t know about you but we’re certainly still humming ‘Let It Go’ from last year’s smash hit movie Frozen.

Sadly it was released just a few weeks too late for Halloween 2013 but you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll see plenty of mini Annas and Elsas running around for this year’s trick or treat!

Try your hand at making a DIY Frozen costume or take a look at our official range of Disney Frozen costumes.

Disney Frozen

The LEGO Movie

If you thought The LEGO Movie was just for kids, think again – the most hilarious movie of 2014 was a hit with adults and children alike so expect to see lots of LEGO-inspired costumes this Halloween!

LEGO provides a great opportunity to try your hand at making a DIY Halloween costume – we’ve compiled some of the best on our LEGO Movie Pinterest board.

The LEGO Movie


Maleficent didn’t end up being the smash hit everyone expected it to be but Angelina Jolie’s character would certainly make a fantastic Halloween costume.

The self-proclaimed Mistress of All Evil is Sleeping Beauty’s wicked fairy godmother and the epitome of all things villainous.

Transform yourself into Maleficent with our official costume or your old witch’s costume with some home made horns!


You could even complete your Maleficent costume with a pair of our DIY witch shoes – click here to find out how to turn an ordinary pair of black shoes into something truly wicked!

Witch's Buckles Halloween Shoe Revamp

Guardians of the Galaxy

Superheroes are a firm favourite every Halloween and 2014’s eagerly awaited Guardians of the Galaxy is bound to inspire some amazing get-ups on 31st October!

There’s no official range of costumes just yet so if you decide to dress up as one of the Guardians of the Galaxy, don’t forget to send us some pics of your DIY costumes!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Have you got a great Halloween costume in the pipeline? Tell us about it or send us your pics on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ and Pinterest.



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