30 Summer Party Games The Whole Family Will Love

Summer Party Game Ideas

Summer is the perfect time to venture outside and play some outdoor games!

Whether you’re planning a summer birthday party or just looking for ways to have fun in the sun, take a look at our round-up of our favourite summer party games for inspiration.

DIY Twister

Use different coloured spray paints to paint a DIY twister mat on the grass. Then let the game begin!


Everyone loves playing piñata – and it’s even more fun when you can take it outside! Pick a piñata and then tie it to a tree branch, basketball hoop or washing line for some outdoor fun!

Pineapple bowling

Put a summery twist on ten pin bowling by using pineapples instead of pins. Line them up and see if you can knock them all down!

Bottle ring toss

If you’ve got some empty plastic bottles lying around, you can turn them into a fun summer party game. Fill each one with water to weigh it down and then cut some rings out of an old cardboard box. Then see who can toss as many rings onto the bottles, and make it harder by standing further away.

Sponge water bombs

Make your water bombs re-usable by using sponges instead of balloons. Give each team a bucket of water and a couple of sponges, then let the water fight begin!

Obstacle course

How about setting up an obstacle course in your garden? It’s super easy to do and loads of fun – here are a couple of easy ideas for obstacles!

  • Spin a hula hoop round your waist
  • Dribble a ball around some cones
  • Skip for 30 seconds
  • Hop on one leg for 30 seconds
  • Slide down a slide
  • Do a forward roll

Treasure hunt

A treasure hunt makes a fun outdoor party game and you could re-use our free printable outdoor treasure hunt clues to set up a fun summer scavenger hunt.

Sack races

You might remember this old classic from school sports days. Give each player an old potato sack and see who can reach the finish line in the fastest time!

Water balloon piñata

This summer game is perfect for hot days. Replace a traditional piñata with a water balloon and hang it a tree. Give each player a turn to bash the water piñata and whoever pops it gets soaked!

Water balloon spoon races

Put a twist on classic egg and spoon races with this fun outdoor party game. Replace the eggs with small water balloons and if you drop it, you’ll get soaked!

Outdoor noughts and crosses

A simple game of noughts and crosses taken outside can be a fun summer party game. Create the board with a couple of bamboo sticks (or something similar) and use rocks with noughts and crosses drawn on top with chalk.

Bean bag toss

Make a target by cutting a whole in the middle of an old cardboard box. Then see who can toss a bean bag through the hole – the further away you are, the harder it will be!

Water balloon dodge ball

This (strictly) outdoor game is great fun on a hot day. Fill a load of balloons with water and try to soak your opponents!

Summer photo booth

How about setting up a summer photo booth? Decorate a corner of your garden with some Hawaiian decorations, grab some photo props and strike a pose!

Hula hooping contest

Grab a hula hoop and see who can spin it round their waist the longest. Make it harder by seeing who can run the furthest without letting the hoop drop!

Mini Olympics

Get competitive with a mini Olympics tournament! Set up different events around the garden (running races, long jump, throwing contests, etc) and reward the winner of each event with a plastic trophy like this!

Pass the sand

Got a sand pit in your garden? Have a go at playing pass the sand! Put the whole group in a circle and give one player a handful of sand. See how far you can pass the sand around the circle by passing it from person to person, trying to drop as little as possible!

Water balloon toss – put in pairs, don’t pop the balloon

Here’s another fun game to play with water balloons. Split the group into pairs and give each pair a water balloon. They must toss it from one to the other. Whoever drops it (and pops it) is out. Play until there’s only one pair left (the winners).

Tug of war

Use a long piece of rope to play tug of war! Make sure the teams are equal in strength and let the tug of war begin!

Three-legged race

This summer party game will take you back to school sports days! Put the group in pairs and tie each of their legs together with an old tie. Then race to the end of the garden as fast as you can without falling over!


If you’ve got a baseball bat and a ball, all you need is a something to mark each base and your game of rounders can begin!


A frisbee is endless fun for kids and grown-ups alike. Just make sure you’ve got plenty of space!


Most people have a couple of badminton rackets knocking around in their garage – play for points or just for fun!

Chalk hopscotch

Draw a hopscotch pattern on the ground (on a patio would be perfect) and number each square. Start the game by throwing a small stone, button or bottle lid onto one of the squares – the one it lands on is the one you can’t step on. Then get hopping! This game will provide hours of fun for younger children.

Freeze tag (or “stuck in the mud”)

Kids will love this classic outdoor game – if you get tagged by the person who’s IT, you’re “stuck” in that spot until someone else tags you.

Sponge bulls eye

Use chalk to draw a target on the patio. Then grab a bucket of water and a couple of sponges. Take turns throwing the sponges at the target, trying to get a bulls eye!

Water pistol fight

A water pistol fight is endless fun – perfect for a hot summer day!


Limbo is the ultimate summer party game (perfect for anyone throwing a Hawaiian luau party!) You could get a proper limbo stick like this or improvise with a broom and a person to hold it at either end.

Wheelbarrow races

Remember doing wheelbarrow races on school sports days? This timeless game is still fun for kids today – and a great way to have some fun outside!

Egg and spoon races

Last but not least, it’s the classic egg and spoon race! Give each player a boiled egg and a spoon and on your marks, get set, go!

Ready to plan your own summer party? Take a look at our full range of summer party supplies or stay on our blog for even more inspiration!