3 Stunning Makeup Tutorials For The Hottest Fancy Dress Trends

Finished makeup for a hippy, unicorn and mermaid fancy dress costume

Looking for an easy makeup tutorial that’ll help you turn your good fancy dress outfit into a great one? Well, today’s your lucky day, as we’ve teamed up with professional makeup artist Samantha Helen to give you these three dazzling designs.

You can have some fun with the hottest party trends of the year and transform yourself into a unicorn or mermaid, or try a new hippy look this festival season. Simply choose your favourite and get creative!

The Mythical Unicorn

Unicorns have become one of the country’s biggest party trends, and we’re here to help you take advantage of it with this amazing look!

  1. Put on your unicorn crown and secure it in place with bobby pins.
  2. Use a pink hair spray to create your unicorn hair.
  3. Use the same hair spray on your neck as a base colour. Use purple hair spray, too.
  4. Take your unicorn glitter. Paint your neck with clear gel, then press in silver, purple and white glitter.
  5. Apply pink blusher to your cheeks.
  6. Tap more clear gel and glitter into your hairline.
  7. Bring the gel down your cheek in a crescent moon shape and apply more glitter.
  8. Next, apply your top and bottom eyelashes.
  9. Apply a pink lipstick.
  10. Tap fine glitter onto your lips, nose and forehead.
  11. Finish the look with unicorn brows, using pink face paint.

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The Magical Mermaid

Taking a trip under the sea for your fancy dress inspiration? Transform yourself into a beautiful mermaid with this incredible makeup tutorial!

  1. Apply your mermaid wig with bobby pins and accessorise with a crown.
  2. With your mermaid cosmetics, push the purple paint onto the stencil. Pat into your cheekbones and onto your neck.
  3. Take a silver hair spray and spritz over the stencil and onto your skin.
  4. Push blue face paint onto your outer eyelid and blend inwards.
  5. Pat silver glitter gel onto your eyelids and around your neck.
  6. Apply your mermaid face gems. Don’t forget to add some sparkle to your neck!
  7. Coat your lips in purple and pink lipstick. To finish, pat on silver glitter.
  8. Choose your false lashes and spray them with silver hair spray. Apply glue then fit to eyelid.
  9. Don’t forget to accessorise – this mermaid necklace is perfect!

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The Happy Hippy

Here’s a look that’s perfect for the summer festival season! This easy tutorial will really add some flower power to your hippy outfit – why not give it a try?

  1. Curl your hair to create the ultimate waves.
  2. Place your flower crown on your head and secure it with a bobby pin.
  3. Use a brown face paint to create freckles.
  4. Take white face paint and UV paint to add some flower power! Push to brush onto your skin to create petals on your forehead and chest.
  5. Use Paintglow glitter gel under your eyes. For the ultimate shine, add Paintglow glitter on top.
  6. To finish the look, paint your pout with pink UV lipstick!

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Samantha Helen is a professional body painter and Freelance make-up artist based in Manchester. Her creative work has already won her huge acclaim, with a place in the top 10 in the UK of the NYX Face Awards competition, which celebrates the elite in cosmetic artistry. Her work has been established by publications such as The Daily Mail , Metro, Metdann and many more. Samantha regularly holds masterclasses and demonstrations to teach others body art. Her masterclasses have been held in European countries such as Greece for a Gypsy shrine collaboration with Coca Cola, Ibiza with Huawei mobile and Ireland for creative body art. Samantha has also had chance to create elaborate collaborations with  leading brands such as Thomas Cook , Primark and Selfridges.