23 Fancy Dress Ideas Beginning With C

Fancy dress ideas beginning with C - clown, Captain America and Catwoman

So, you’ve been invited to a fancy dress party, and the invite says your outfit has to begin with C. How will you decide what to wear?

Do you stick to the classics, or go for something a little left-field? Luckily for you, we’ve got plenty of ideas to suit all tastes. Let’s take a look at your options!

TV & Film

Arriving at the party dressed as a much-loved film or TV character is a great ice-breaker.

People will recognise it, which will help get a conversation started, while of course you’ll enjoy the added bonus of looking super-cool into the bargain!

  1. Captain America

Captain America fancy dress costume

Does it get much more impressive than the leader of The Avengers? Probably not, which is why Captain America is a very safe bet when it comes to fancy dress costumes beginning with C.

Plus, with Cap’s instantly recognisable shield, you’re guaranteed to have the coolest accessory at the party!

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  1. Catwoman

Catwoman fancy dress costume

Sticking with the superhero theme, Catwoman is a very popular option when it comes to women’s fancy dress – even without the alphabetical restrictions we’re working under here.

You can pick your own era here, too. Do you go for 1960s Catwoman, or modern-day, Dark Knight Catwoman? Whatever you do, don’t go with Halle Berry Catwoman. No one likes that one.

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  1. Chewbacca

Chewbacca fancy dress costume

Everyone’s favourite Wookie will certainly make sure you’re popular at the party. This is a costume that can’t fail to look great in any photos of your evening.

Now you just need to get your Chewie impression sorted before the party!

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  1. Cinderella

Cinderella fancy dress costume

This classic Disney princess is one of the more elegant options you’ll find here. A Cinderella dress is something that you’ll feel comfortable in all night, and it’s bound to turns heads too!

Just make sure you’re home by midnight, obviously.

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  1. Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin fancy dress costume

There aren’t many film stars who you’d instantly recognise from a fancy dress costume, but Charlie Chaplin is one.

It’s an outfit that’s sure to amuse people, but the star of silent cinema is great for other reasons, too. If you don’t like the person you end up talking to, you can just pretend you’re in character until they go away!

As well as the classic suit and hat, you can pick up a set of false eyebrows and moustache or some black face paint to create a truly realistic Chaplin.

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  1. Captain Hook

Captain Hook fancy dress costume

Not all the best costumes are good guys! The villainous pirate from Peter Pan is a really fun outfit to wear, from the impressive wig and hat to his trademark hooked hand.

Just watch out for crocodiles (and don’t worry, we’ll come to them later)!

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  1. Cheshire Cat

Cheshire Cat fancy dress costume

Here’s a costume that’ll put a smile on your face! The Cheshire Cat is certainly a colourful character, and your pink and purple outfit will make sure you stand out!

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  1. Corpse Bride

Corpse Bride fancy dress costume

While this is a costume that’s arguably most suited to Halloween, there’s nothing to stop you wearing this outfit from Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride all year round. After all, it was Oscar-nominated!

You can even get some white face paint too, just to make sure you get the look spot on.

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  1. Captain Mainwaring

Captain Mainwaring fancy dress costume

It turns out that ‘Captain’ is quite a useful word when it comes to fancy dress ideas beginning with C! The third one on our list is a legend of British comedy.

The star of Dad’s Army, Captain Mainwaring is a costume not many people will have thought of, so don’t be a stupid boy – get this one in time for your party!

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The Classics

If you’d feel more comfortable going down the tried-and-tested route, there are lots of popular costumes that begin with the letter C.

  1. Caveman/woman

Caveman fancy dress costume

Take a trip way, way back in time and choose one of our caveman or cavewoman costumes! Don’t forget to accessorise with a proper caveman club, too.

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  1. Cowboy/girl

Cowgirl fancy dress costume

Set yourself on the rodeo to success with a cool cowboy (or cowgirl) outfit! Complete with patterned trousers or skirts, waistcoats and authentic cowboy hats, you’re sure to look the part!

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Find your cowgirl costume

  1. Clown

Clown fancy dress costume

Bring the laughs to the party with a creative clown costume. Get a crazy outfit and couple it with some inventive make-up to create a character that, depending how your friends feel about clowns, will either be hilarious or terrifying.

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  1. Cheerleader

Cheerleader fancy dress costume

Pom-poms at the ready, it’s cheerleading time! We have outfits in a range of colours, so you can choose whichever one will suit you best.

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The Animal Kingdom

Animal costumes are a great way to stay on trend. As well as being instantly recognisable, they’re often fairly simple costumes that are easy to wear all night long. Keep an eye out for a couple of comfy onesies on this list, for example!

  1. Chicken

Chicken fancy dress costume

If you need a costume beginning with C, then today’s your clucky day! This chicken outfit does the job quickly and easily.

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  1. Cheetah

Cheetah fancy dress costume

Looking for a costume with a little sex appeal? This sleek cheetah cat suit achieves that goal while staying on the ‘letter C’ theme. Who said cheetahs never prosper?

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  1. Crocodile

Crocodile fancy dress costume

Here’s a costume you’d be wise to snap up! This croc onesie will keep you snug all evening, and no one’s going to stand in your way at the buffet table!

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  1. Cow

Cow fancy dress costume

This costume is a little different. Instead of actually dressing a cow, what you’ll do is dress as someone being given a piggyback by a cow!

What do you mean that never happens in real life? It doesn’t matter anyway, as this fun costume is certain to put you at the centre of attention.

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Historical Figures

Can’t find a costume? Why not dig into the past for inspiration? These famous faces may not have been around for a while, but it won’t take people long to recognise you!

  1. Cleopatra

Cleopatra fancy dress costume

The Egyptian queen is certainly well known for her glamour, and in this costume you’ll be bringing plenty to the party!

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  1. Caesar

Caesar fancy dress costume

Who wouldn’t want to be a Roman emperor for a day? True, Caesar did end up getting betrayed by his best mate, but that probably won’t happen to you.

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Think Outside The Box

Now we come to those costumes that are, shall we say, a bit random! If you’re keen to avoid an outfit clash with someone else at the party, here are a few ideas that should make sure that doesn’t happen.

  1. Chips

Chips fancy dress costume

Usually, you’re more likely to encounter chips on the way home from a party. Not with this costume, though. People will feel hungry just looking at you!

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  1. Cereal Killer

Cereal Killer fancy dress costume

See what we’ve done here? It’s a clever play on words! If there were points for inventiveness, you’d be getting plenty here.

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  1. Cards

Card fancy dress costume

When it comes to this costume, you’re sure of a great deal! And, as Motörhead will tell you, the Ace of Spades is definitely the best card in the pack.

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  1. Comic Strip

Comic Strip fancy dress costume

This spectacular novelty suit takes smart casual to a whole new level! It’s decorated with your favourite retro comic book phrases, so it’s sure to raise a smile among the superhero fans at the party.

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Got your own idea?

Can you think of any fancy dress costumes beginning with C that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know in the comments below!