1st Birthday Cake Smash Ideas


A cake smash photo shoot is a lovely way to celebrate your baby’s 1st birthday!

The tradition started in America a few years ago and just like baby showers and gender reveal parties, this popular US trend has made its way over to the UK.

So how do you go about doing a cake smash? Lots of parents choose to go to a professional photographer but with our new cake smash kit, it’s just as easy to do-it-yourself. Read on for our top tips!

What is a cake smash?

The concept is simple – take a perfectly good cake and take photos of your baby smashing it to pieces!

It sounds strange (and it will get messy!) but a cake smash photo shoot is tonnes of fun for everyone involved. And the result is a collection of super cute photos that you can keep forever to remember your baby’s first birthday!

Some people even choose to use their cake smash photos on their baby’s 1st birthday party invitation.

Cake smash decorating ideas

The main focus of your cake smash photo shoot should be your baby and the cake – but a couple of carefully chosen decorations can make it extra special!

We absolutely love this ‘one today’ letter bunting – it’s perfect for hanging on the wall behind your baby, especially if you’re going to be using your cake smash photos for your 1st birthday invites.

One Today Backdrop

Balloons are another popular cake smash decorating idea – but there’s no need to go overboard. One or two carefully placed confetti balloons like these will look absolutely lovely!

Giant Pink Confetti Orb Balloon

Or how about a bright and colourful tassel garland? This pastel one is perfectly gender neutral and will look lovely paired with a pastel pink, blue or yellow cake.

Pastel & Gold Tassel Garland

Cake smash props

Your cake smash setup is best kept simple but it’s nice to have a couple of props! Pop one of these hip hip hooray party hats onto your baby’s head to make them look even cuter than they already are!

Pastel Party Hats

Let the cake smash commence!

Once your cake is baked and your decorations are set up, all that’s left to do is let your baby make a mess and capture the moment on film!

Pink Cake Smash Kit

If they’re a bit shy at first, put a bit of cake on your finger to show them that it’s edible. And even if they’re still reluctant to smash, you’ll still be able to get some lovely photos!

Pink Cake Smash Kit

Our top cake smash tips!

  1. Be prepared for a big clean-up operation! Have plenty of wipes and towels on hand as well as a clean set of clothes for your little one.
  2. Choose your child’s outfit carefully! Of course, you want them to look cute in the pictures but you don’t want to ruin their best outfit!
  3. Don’t go overboard with an expensive cake. After all, it’s only going to get smashed! Many parents choose to buy a cheap one from the supermarket and ice it themselves.
  4. Avoid fondant icing as it’s too hard for kids to break into. Buttercream is best!
  5. Take some photos of the clean-up – it’s a nice way to round off the whole cake smash experience!

Ready to organise your own cake smash? Pick up our adorable cake smash kit here or stay on our blog for even more 1st birthday party ideas!