14 Amazing Rainbow Birthday Cakes

Amazing Rainbow Birthday Cakes

We love rainbow parties!

And since no birthday party is complete without a cake, today we’ve put together a round-up of the most amazing rainbow birthday cakes we’ve found on Pinterest.

Prepare to be wowed because some of these cakes are truly impressive – let us know in the comments which one you’d pick for your party!

Traditional rainbow cake

Let’s start with a traditional rainbow cake! We absolutely love this cute and colourful design, although there’s probably a knack to getting the food colouring right!

We love how this one’s covered in white icing and topped with multi-coloured candles like these to match the sponge.


Tiered rainbow wedding cake

Now there’s impressive, then there’s this masterpiece! Not for the feint-hearted, we love the white pom poms in the background that look like clouds. As far as wedding cakes go, this one takes some beating!


Rainbow cake pops

From a masterpiece to something a little simpler, we love these rainbow cake pops! And for something even simpler than cake pops, why not dip marshmallows in multi-coloured sprinkles for the same effect?!


Rainbow macaron tower

This one takes a bit of artistic licence but why not go for a rainbow macaron tower instead of a cake? It’s super easy to put together, super impressive and all you need is a tiered cake stand!


Rainbow surprise cake

We LOVE this rainbow cake with a hidden design inside the sponge – but it’s not for the feint-hearted! If you fancy giving it a go, we’d recommend reading these expert tips and tricks for making hidden design cakes first!


Floral rainbow wedding cake

Or how about this rainbow-coloured floral wedding cake? Rainbow cakes don’t have to be bursting with colour all over – for something a little stylish, try this subtle way to add pops of colour to a plain white cake with flowers and ribbons.


Giant number cake

Feeling adventurous? How about making a number cake covered in Smarties in all the colours of the rainbow? You don’t necessarily a number 3 shaped cake mould – we’ve found an easy tutorial to show you how to make a number 3 using a round cake tin.


Rainbow cake push-up pops

For something a little simpler (but just as cute), try these rainbow cake push pops. All you need is some cake push pop containers like these and a round cookie cutter to cut round layers of sponge.


Rainbow cake in a jar

Rainbow cakes in jars would be an easy but impressive addition to your rainbow party food. Simply divide up your mixture, dye each lot a different colour, and layer it up in the jar before you bake it. Then top it off with squirty cream and sprinkles!


An actual rainbow cake…

How about making a rainbow cake that looks like an actual rainbow? We love the piped icing and the clouds at each end!


Cake covered in smarties

If you’re a baking beginner but still want to make an impressive birthday cake, how about a simple cake covered in smarties? Simply cover your cake in buttercream and then stick smarties on in the colours of the rainbow.


This perfectly iced rainbow creation

If you’re a dab hand at piping icing, why not have a go at this stunning iced rainbow cake? It’s not as difficult as it looks but you’ll need a steady hand!


Rainbow doughnuts

Not much of a baker? How about ring doughnuts iced with all the colours of the rainbow?!


Rainbow cake pop tower

Finally, why not do something completely different like a cake pop tower? Cover your cake pops with melted candy buttons like these and display them in a tower!


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