12 Whimsical Alice in Wonderland Party Food Ideas

Alice in Wonderland Party Food Ideas

Throwing an Alice in Wonderland party?

Take a tumble down the rabbit hole and browse our cute collection of Alice in Wonderland party food ideas – the perfect addition to our gorgeous Alice in Wonderland party supplies.

From cake pops and cupcakes to truly magnificent cake creations, we’ll show you how to put together an Alice in Wonderland tea party extraordinaire. Read on for inspiration!

“Eat me” macarons

There’s no sweeter treat than these cute pink macarons! Whether you’re serving homemade or shop-bought ones, all you need is some writing icing to delight your guests with Alice in Wonderland themed treats!

Teacup cupcakes

What cuter way to display your cupcakes than in teacups? These beautiful colour-coordinated creations would look perfect at any Alice in Wonderland tea party and you could lay them out together as a centrepiece, or individually at each guest’s place setting.


Topsy turvy naked cake

Naked cakes (or un-iced sponge cakes) are rather in vogue at the moment, and whether you’re planning an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding or birthday party, this topsy turvy naked cake definitely wouldn’t go amiss! You’ll need a long rod to hold each layer of the cake together and the topsy turvier, the better!


Playing card cookies

Or how about these cute playing card cookies for an easy Alice in Wonderland party food? Simply bake a batch of rectangular cookies and decorate them with icing!


“Down the rabbit hole” cake

This is one of our absolute favourite Alice in Wonderland cakes – Alice down the rabbit hole! This is probably one for the expert bakers but why not have a go by moulding our coloured icing into shape?


Mad Hatter’s tea party drinks labels

This party food idea is perfect for a Mad Hatter’s tea party! Label your bottles of pop with “this one makes you taller” and “this one makes you smaller” as a fun nod to the books!


Pocket watch tea cakes

You could even stick a printed out clock face onto foil-wrapped biscuits or tea cakes to make them look like the White Rabbit’s pocked watch. This Alice in Wonderland party food idea is super easy but we’ll bet not many people would think of it!


Queen of Hearts cake pops

We absolutely love these cute Queen of Hearts cake pops! A subtle nod to Alice in Wonderland’s infamous villain, they’ll fit in perfectly with your themed buffet!


Mad Hatter’s hat cake

Or how about this super chic Mad Hatter’s hat cake? This cake would be perfect for a stylish birthday party or wedding theme!


Queen of Hearts Cookies

Cookie decorating is a lovely party activity (for grown-ups or children!) so why not have a go at making these Queen of Hearts cookies? All you’ll need to do is grab some coloured icing and bake the cookies in advance.


Queen of Hearts birthday cake

This Queen of Hearts cake couldn’t be more perfect and we love the attention to detail – check out the pearl necklace around the bottom of the crown! This cake is perfect for birthday boys and girls who prefer the baddies to the goodies!


Cheshire Cat cake pops

Finally, don’t forget to include a nod to the Cheshire Cat in your Alice in Wonderland party food! We love these subtly stylish pink and purple cake pops – and it’s unmistakeable which character they represent!


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