10 Halloween Costumes That Never Fail

A man wearing a Phantom of Darkness costume which covers his face and a blonde woman wearing a Vampire Lady costume

Halloween is creeping closer, which means it’s time to start planning this year’s Halloween costumes!

We’ve scoured our huge range of Halloween fancy dress to bring you a round-up of the best Halloween costumes that will work any time.

Phantom of Darkness

At the top of our list is the ever-creepy Phantom of Darkness – an easy costume that’s guaranteed to scare! The black hooded robe has an attached face veil,  allowing the wearer to see out while having their face obscured (it can also be tucked back into the hood for easier drinking and eating). A scythe and some black gloves complete the Grim Reaper effect, and it comes in a child and teen size too!

Person wearing a black hooded phantom costume with face mesh

Day of the Dead Señorita

The Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos has become a hugely popular theme here in the UK – we sell costumes, decorations and tableware to help you celebrate! But most popular of all is this incredible outfit which comes as five pieces – the dress has a colourful ribcage design on a black top adorned with flower trim and a multi-layered lace-edged skirt, fitting perfectly with the matching skeleton-print thigh high tights, veiled headband with flowers, cute lace choker and delicate lace sleevelets with flowers detailing.

Perhaps the only thing that you  would want to add to this costume is some traditional sugar skull makeup.

Woman wearing a cute Day of the Dead-inspired colourful dress with a flower veil headband

For more ideas on throwing a Day of the Dead party, you can find out how to make a sugar skull piñata, a matching cake, or find out how to throw the ultimate Day of the Dead party.

Bloody Scrubs

In times of medical crisis, you can count on a bloody surgeon being the most terrifying of costumes! Another beautifully simple costume consisting of classic scrubs top and trousers, there’s great scope for you to invent a story behind the costume.  Are you a rogue doctor that’s gone mad? Are you a psycho killer dressed up in scrubs to pass by unnoticed? You decide!

Man wearing bloody scrubs costume and holding a knife with a face mask on

The costume is pictured here with a machete, white vinyl gloves and a standard hospital face mask. Feel free to add more fake blood, or even turn yourself into a zombie surgeon for a zombie party!

Vampire Lady

Vampires have always been a popular Halloween costume, but this is a long way from the bin bag capes and plastic fangs of our youth! This stunning floor-length black and red dress has a lace-up bodice detail, tattered long sleeves, and comes with a gothic choker with an upright collar attached.

We also sell vampire fangs that are fixed with dental adhesive and can be reused.

Blonde woman wearing a vampire lady black and red long dress with tattered sleeves and upright collar

We also suggest using this dress if you want to dress up as Nadja from What We Do In The Shadows.

Day of the Dead Coat Set

Another easy yet effective costume for the fellas, this two-piece costume comes as an incredible black jacket with tails, featuring white and red patterns and skeleton, along with a mock shirt with black bow tie and red cummerbund. Very easy and very sexy, the costume can only be enhanced by our Day of the Dead top hat and either face paint or a sugar skull masquerade mask.

Man wearing a Day of the Dead tailcoat jacket with mock shirt, top hat and face paint

Deadly Nun

Heaven can’t help you if this deadly nun is after your head! Scary nuns are a staple of any Halloween costume, and this one can be customised a few ways if you wanted to be a zombie nun, werewolf nun etc. Finish off the look with some black gloves and streaming black eyeliner to look really possessed!

Woman wearing a deadly nun costume with high heels, a habit and black makeup pouring from her eyes


Zombie convict

Zombies are always on our list of best Halloween costumes – you can zombify pretty much any outfit with some fake blood!

An easy costume that doesn’t need a lot of time for getting ready, make your zombie convict costume extra gruesome with fake blood and special effects wounds, and maybe add a ball and chain for extra fun.


Man in zombie convict outfit with ball and chain

Sexy Jester

Kill two birds with one stone: look absolutely stunning, and scare anyway anyone with coulrophobia! This amazing monotone jester outfit comes as a super flattering dress, collar, matching  gloves, garter, mask and headband, so all you need are some stockings and black lipstick, and you’re good to go!

Woman with brown hair wearing a monotone sexy jester outfit with hat, gloves, dress and stockings

Headless Horseman

An instant classic – the Headless Horseman! Bloody, gruesome and guaranteed to give the chills to everyone you meet, this is an all-time favourite out of our Halloween costumes.

Man in headless horseman costume


True Vampire

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a vampire or two – and this classic vampire costume is definitely one of the most iconic Halloween looks you can get. Complete with a vampire cape, all you need is a set of fangs and some fake blood trickling down the side of your mouth to finish off this chilling look.

Man in traditional vamprie clothes including waistcoat, clock and cane

Make yourself look even more like the romantic vampires of Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Interview With A Vampire with these red tinted glasses.

We love seeing all of your Halloween costumes and creations, and don’t forget that we’ve got tons of DIY costume ideas, from dark angels to horror movie fancy dress and people enjoying a good Purge.