10 Halloween Costumes That Never Fail

10 Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

Halloween is creeping closer, which means it’s time to start planning this year’s costume!

We’ve scoured our huge range of Halloween fancy dress to bring you a round-up of the best Halloween costumes that will work any time.

Headless horseman

An instant classic – the Headless Horseman! Bloody, gruesome and guaranteed to give the chills to everyone you meet, this is an all-time favourite look.

Man in headless horseman costume


Harlequin Honey

Let’s start with a firm favourite – Harlequin Honey! This cute topsy-turvy outfit is guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd, and you can take this costume to the next level with matching face paint. Watch our scary clown face paint tutorial to find out what to do!

Woman in harlequin costume with red clown hair


Guts illusion t-shirt

Looking for an easy costume that doesn’t require much effort? Grab this photo-realistic guts illusion t-shirt for an easy costume full of blood, guts and gore. Make it extra gruesome with loads of fake blood on your face and arms to make it look like you’ve spilt your guts!

Man wearing a tshirt with a spilling guts illusion


Phantom of Darkness

Next up is Phantom of Darkness – an easy costume that’s guaranteed to scare! Just add a scythe and some black gloves to complete the effect.

Person wearing a black hooded phantom costume with face mesh


Freak Show Clown

There’s utterly terrifying… and then there’s this freak show clown costume. One of the scariest Halloween spooks, complete this creepy costume with a wig, a black nose and black and white face paint.

Man in freak show clown costume with black tufted wig and mallet in right hand


Graveyard bride

Next up is graveyard bride! One of the best Halloween costumes for people who want to look good and spooky, complete this haunting costume with grey face paint and silver hair spray for a freshly risen from the dead look!

Woman in grey and black torn wedding dress with flower crown


True Vampire

It wouldn’t be Halloween without a vampire or two – and True Vampire is definitely one of the most iconic Halloween looks you can get. Complete with a vampire cape, all you need is a set of fangs and some fake blood trickling down the side of your mouth to finish off this chilling look.

Man in traditional vamprie clothes including waistcoat, clock and cane


Zombie convict

Zombies are always on our list of best Halloween costumes – you can zombify pretty much any outfit with some fake blood!

An easy costume that doesn’t need a lot of time for getting ready, make your zombie convict costume extra gruesome with fake blood and special effects wounds.


Man in zombie convict outfit with ball and chain

Deadly Nun

Heaven can’t help you if this deadly nun is after your head! Scary nuns are a staple of any Halloween costume, and this one can be customised a few ways – pair with some fangs for a vampire nun, an inverted cross scar for a possessed nun.

Woman in deadly nun costume with black and white makeup


Enchanting Cat Witch

Why choose between cat and witch when you can be both in one? This sexy witch outfit has a cute cat design and comes with a witches hat, but you could up the ante with some more witchy accessories and a toy cat for your familiar.

Woman in cat witch dress with fishnets, boots and witch hat

Black and Bone Catsuit

The skeleton catsuit is an incredibly versatile costume that works just as well on its own as with accessories. Make yourself a skeleton cat with cat ears, add a Day with the Dead hint to it, or take to the skies as a skeleton bat!

Woman in skeleton catsuit

Don’t forget the face paint to finish your look.


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