10 Funny Running Costumes That Won’t Slow You Down!

Running Costume Ideas

Running in fancy dress can make race day extra fun – but it can also make it a nightmare if you choose the wrong costume!

As a runner, it’s important to find the balance between a funny running costume and one that’s easy to run in.

Read our round-up of the best running costumes that won’t compromise your finishing time on race day!

118 118

Let’s start with the ultimate running costume – the 118 men! These 118 costumes will be super easy to run in as they’re just a t-shirt and shorts and they make a great group running costume.

Just remember that having something on your head can make running a little trickier so we’d recommend clipping the wig on if you can.

118 Running Costumes


Or how about superhero morphsuits? These Batman and Superman morphsuits would be perfect for running and if you think the cape will get in the way, take it off and you still have a good running costume.

Superhero Running Costumes

Power Rangers

For a funny group running costume, how about the mighty morphin’ power rangers?! These morphsuits won’t slow you down when you’re running and you’ll definitely stand out from the crowd!

Power Rangers Running Costumes

Where’s Wally

These Where’s Wally costumes are brilliant fun run costumes – they’re essentially just a t-shirt, hat and glasses!

If you think it’ll be easier to run in, replace the blue skirt with blue shorts and clip on the hat.

Where's Wally Running Costume

Mario and Luigi

It’s a me, Mario! And a brilliant race day costume for you and a friend! These Mario and Luigi costumes look funny and be easy to run in. Get your fake moustaches at the ready!

Mario and Luigi Running Costumes


How about going all out 80s? A shell suit like this is perfect running gear or you could dress up this 80s t-shirt with leggings, leg warmers and neon accessories.

80s Running Costumes

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic the hedgehog is known for his super speed and this Sonic onesie would be a really funny fun run costume. Plus the headpiece is quite secure so it shouldn’t move around too much while you’re running.

Sonic the Hedgehog Running Costume

Toy Soldier

Remember the toy soldiers from Toy Story? They make a great running costume (as long as you leave the foot base at home!) and you can fun getting into character with lots of green face paint.

Toy Soldier Running Costume


Or how about a minion costume? These ones are perfect for anyone running in a big group!

Minions Running Costume

Santa Claus

Last but not least is Santa Claus – perfect for anyone running in a Santa dash around Christmas time! This bargain Santa suit won’t be too hard to run in and you can always clip on the hat if you’re worried about it flying off!

Santa Claus Running Costume


Ready to start planning your own running costume? Take a look at our full range of fundraising fancy dress or stay on our blog for even more inspiration!