10 Brilliant New Year’s Eve Party Games & Activities

Planning your New Year’s Eve celebrations?

Make it the party of the year with these fun new year party games and activities! They’re a great way to pass the time until midnight and will give your guests a night to remember!

Read on for our top ten games!

1. Printable review of the year game

Looking back at the best moments of the year is a fun way to spend the run-up to midnight! Simply download our printable game cards, put them in a bowl and take it in turns to pick one out!

Free Printable New Year Party Game

2. Countdown bags

How about counting down to midnight with these fun New Year’s Eve countdown bags? Put a treat, game, activity or dare in each bag and download our free printables here.


3. Prosecco pong

Prosecco pong is the party game of the year and it’s perfect for New Year’s Eve parties! It’s a glamorous twist on beer pong and it’s perfect for guests with a competitive streak! Pick up your plastic Prosecco glasses (trust us, plastic is for the best) and some ping pong balls.

Prosecco Pong Setup

4. Printable quiz of 2020

Test your knowledge of 2020 with our free printable quiz of the year! Split the group into teams and find out how well you remember the events of the last year!

5. Balloon clock

How about making a balloon clock to count down the hours until midnight? All you need is twelve balloons, a marker pen and a pin to pop one every hour!

6. Wish Upon A Star

New Year’s is a time when we all reflect on our lives and promise to make better decisions for tomorrow. That starts with making wishes.

Download our free printable wishing stars template and carefully cut out the star shapes. Make a hole in the top where indicated.

Everyone in the family gets at least one start to make a wish on – once everyone’s done, hang them up in a cute banner!

For a bit of fun, store these away  with your Christmas decorations so that next year you can see if your wish has come true!

7. Printable New Year’s Eve bingo

Lots of fun can be had for free with this printable New Year’s Eve bingo game! Simply download our printable bingo sheets and get playing!

8. New Year’s Eve wreaths

We’re done pretending – every season is an opportunity for a new door wreath! Welcome in the New Year with some gorgeous ideas for decorating your front door. Use your Pinterest app to scan the code below or follow this link to our Pinterest board.

9. New Year’s Eve pictionary

The artistic among your group will love this free printable New Year’s Eve pictionary game! Everything you have to draw has something to do with New Year’s Eve!

10. DIY Noisemakers

When it’s time to run out into the street in your pyjamas and make lots of noise, what are you going to use? We love the idea of having the kids make their own paper plate noisemakers during the day, which they can decorate however they like!

Simply take a paper plate, face up, and pour rice, beads or pasta in it (but not too full). Put a lollipop or craft stick at the bottom, then glue the other paper plate on top.

Once it’s all dry they can decorate the plates however they like, with gems, stickers, pens and whatever else takes their fancy. A cute craft that might become a treasured keepsake!

Ready to plan your own New Year’s Eve party? Party like it’s 1999 with our NYE party supplies or stay on our blog for more inspiration!