Zombie Cheerleader Make-Up Tutorial

Zombie Cheerleader Make-Up Tutorial

It is officially October people and that only means one thing now; Halloween is upon us! It won’t be long now before the pumpkins are out in full force with their spooky faces and we start stocking up on bags of trick ‘or’ treating goodies!

As the big day approaches us now though, it’s about time to start thinking about what costumes you’re going to be wearing for the main event. No matter what you’re doing this year, whether it be a Halloween party or just staying home to hand out the treats, it’s always fun to get dressed up and so today I thought I would show you a quick step-by-step guide on how to get the perfect zombie cheerleader look!

Zombie Cheerleader Costume Step 1

To start off with, apply a normal makeup base as you normally would. For this I’ve used my normal shade of foundation, made sure my brows are on point and contoured my face lightly (we’ll be going over that a lot later).

I also decided to add a little nude eyeshadow and then do a slightly thicker cat-eye than I normally would as I felt like this was a rather classic look to go for for the base makeup. At this point, you don’t really have to focus too much on getting it all perfect though as we will be messing it up quite a bit in the next few stages – just as long as that flick is looking sharp!

Zombie Cheerleader Face Paint Tutorial Step 2

For our second step, it’s time to get bruised up a little. For this I’ve gone in with a fluffy eyeshadow brush and a matte grey shade to roughly bruise under my eyes, around my nose and along the hollows of my face.

I also grabbed a slightly larger blusher brush at this stage with a light matte brown eyeshadow to roughen up the contours of my face and to make me look more bruised. One of the main places to focus on here is under the chin and under the eyes to really emphasise the fact that you’re supposed to be dead.

Zombie Cheerleader Face Paint Step 3

With step three I’ve gone in for a little more detail and using a matte red lipstick -for this one specifically I’ve used MAC Viva Glam 2, but any deep red will do. I have applied this using my finger and lightly dabbing the product into the bruised areas.

I then blended over this additional colour with a little more of the brown and grey colour to make it all look a little less fake. I then took the bigger blusher brush and used this to drag some more shadowing down onto my collar bone, around the top of my forehead and onto my shoulders.

Next I took a concealer that was one or two shades lighter than I usually use and using a makeup sponge, I dabbed this into the areas that were un-bruised to make me look paler and appear more like a zombie. I also then used this to cover my lips as lighter lips wash out your face and again make you appear less life-like.

Zombie Cheerleader Face Paint Step 4

Last, but by no means least I glued on the barbed wire effect split scar from Party Delights to my neck and blended this in with the lighter concealer and some more grey and brown shadows. I finished the look off with some fake blood around my mouth and dripping down from the scar for a more dramatic effect.

You can always also add a couple more cuts and scars to this look with the temporary tattoos and tissue and liquid latex to get it to the level of gore that you prefer! For the kind of party that I’m going to though, this look is perfect for me. Of course, I then finished off the look with the Red High School Cheerleader Dress and bloodied it up a little more – again here you can really go all out! Don’t forget to also bruise up your arms and legs for more of a realistic zombie effect!

Zombie Cheerleader Costume

Visit bekylou.com for even more Halloween make-up tutorials or stay on the Party Delights blog for even more Halloween costume ideas:



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