Tic-Tac-BOO Halloween Party Game

Looking for a fun game to this play this Halloween? Have a go at our printable tic-tac-BOO!

It’s a spooky twist on Connect Four and all you need to play is our free printable game card and some spare trick or treat sweets.

Read on to find out how to play!

What you’ll need

Halloween Chocolates

Let’s play!

The aim of tic-tac-BOO is simple – get three of your sweets in a row to win!

Print out as many of our printable game cards as you need (you could have a couple of games going at once) and give each player five sweets each.

Take it in turns to place a sweet on the card and whoever gets three in a row first wins. Be sure to try and block your opponent’s moves!

Tic Tac Boo Halloween Party Game

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