Stag Do Costume Ideas

Stag Do Costume Ideas

Looking for a funny stag do costumes?

Fancy dress is a stag do staple and we’ve scoured our whole range of stag do costumes for the funniest, most embarrassing costumes to wear on the groom’s last night of freedom.

So whether you’re looking for hilarious outfits for the whole group or just something to stitch up groom, take a look at our stag do costume ideas for inspiration.

Carry Me costumes


Cowboy Stag Do Costumes

Disney princesses

Introducing Beauty is a Beast, Jas-man and Cinder-fella – the ultimate embarrassing stag do costumes! Perfect for the whole group or just the groom!

Disney Princess Stag Do Costumes

Novelty suits

Want to make sure your stag party stands out from the crowd without your costumes being too embarrassing? Try these novelty suits!

Stag Do Novelty Suits

Power Rangers

Go, go Power Rangers! How about getting the whole stag party dressed up as different Power Rangers?

Power Rangers Costumes


Superheroes are a classic group costume for a stag do. Just pick a character each from our range of superhero costumes – superhero morphsuits make particularly easy costumes.

Stag Do Superhero Costumes


If you don’t mind looking silly (it is a stag do after all), the Teletubbies make a hilarious group costume!

Stag Do Teletubbies Costumes


Love the 80s? How about dressing up as Tetris pieces? You’re guaranteed to stand out!

Tetris Costumes

Toy Story

The boys are back in town with a brilliant stag do costume – Toy Story! Dress the groom and best man as Woody and Buzz and the rest of the group as toy soldiers!

Stag Do Toy Story Costumes

Take a look at our full range of stag do costumes at! 



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