14 Easy Roald Dahl Costume Ideas for Kids

Roald Dahl Costume Ideas for Kids

Need some help transforming your little one into a Roald Dahl character for World Book Day?

Help is at hand!

We’ve rounded-up this year’s best Roald Dahl costume ideas for kids – so whether you’ve got plenty of time to prepare or you’re in a mad dash to put together a splendiferous costume, any parent can spark their child’s imagination with an amazing costume!

The best Roald Dahl characters to dress up as…

Willy Wonka

Let’s start with an easy Roald Dahl costume and a classic – Willy Wonka! He’s the wacky factory owner from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the perfect costume for kids who’ll have fun getting into character!

Willy Wonka Costume


Charlie Bucket

If your child loves chocolate as much as Charlie Bucket, then this Roald Dahl costume idea is the obvious choice! It even comes with a golden ticket!

Charlie Bucket Costume


Golden Ticket

So this Roald Dahl costume idea technically isn’t a character, but it’s a pivotal part of the story in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Plus it’s a unique costume idea and an easy one to throw on before school!

Golden Ticket Costume




She’s one of Roald Dahl’s most iconic characters with her instantly recognisable blue dress, brown hair and a book! This Matilda outfit is the perfect Roald Dahl costume for aspiring bookworms and even comes with a little newt as a homage to the book!

Matilda Costume


Miss Trunchbull

Another fun Roald Dahl costume idea for kids is Miss Trunchbull! She’s the mean headmistress from Matilda and this costume even comes with a stick-on monobrow!

Miss Trunchbull Costume


Fantastic Mr Fox

Whether you love the book or the film (or both!), this Fantastic Mr Fox costume is fantastic Roald Dahl character to dress up as for World Book Day! He’s one suave fox and this costume comes with a tailcoat, mask, cravat and a detachable tail!

Fantastic Mr Fox Costume


Mr Twit

We’ve reached one of our favourite Roald Dahl costume ideas for kids – Mr Twit! This costume is perfect for any child who is messy at heart and they can have loads of fun pretending to be as mean and grouchy as Mr Twit himself!

Mr Twit Costume


Mrs Twit

Fancy making this a group costume? How about dressing one child up as Mr Twit and one up as Mrs Twit – his equally unpleasant wife? This is a great value World Book Day costume and everything you need is included. Just practise your best grimace!

Mrs Twit Costume


Oompa Loompas

If your child loves going all out and doesn’t mind standing out from the crowd, how about dressing as an oompa loompa? All you need is a green wig and bright orange face paint to complete this easy Roald Dahl costume for kids!

Oompa Loompa Costume


This oompa loompa costume comes as a dress or a pair of trousers so you can choose whatever your child would prefer!

Oompa Loompa Costume 2


Augustus Gloop

If you’re a World Book Day veteran looking for something a bit different this year, how about this new Augustus Gloop costume? If you’ve got time, smear some melted chocolate around your child’s mouth to complete their transformation into the greedy little boy from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!

Augustus Gloop Costume


The Enormous Crocodile

World Book day costumes don’t get much easier than a onesie! And this crocodile onesie is the perfect homage to the main character in The Enormous Crocodile!

The Enormous Crocodile Costume


The Witches

Last but not least is The Witches! This is an easy Roald Dahl costume idea that you can recycle for Halloween and it works as a group costume or on your own!

The Witches Costume


Want more World Book Day costume ideas? Check out our full range of book character costumes or stay on our blog for more inspiration! 



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