Pirate Party Games for Kids

Pirate party games

Shiver me timbers! Keeping everyone entertained at a birthday party is not easy.

So today we’re giving you a helping hand with a bunch of great pirate party games. They’re sure to keep all your guests entertained – and more importantly, out of mischief!

So read on, take inspiration, and get planning the best pirate party across the whole seven seas!

DIY pirate hook toss game

We’ll start with our favourite pirate party game, which we found inspiration for over on Pinterest.

It’s a super easy one to make at home with an old cardboard box – just make sure you make it a couple of days before your party to give it time to dry.

Pirate party games - DIY hook toss game

What you need:

What to do:

  1. Straighten out your cardboard box, cut it into a rectangle and paint on red and white stripes.
  2. Let the paint dry and then stick your hooks on with super glue (an adult should do this step).
  3. Cut the middle out of your paper plates.
  4. Get tossing! Award a different number of points for each hook and the person with the most points at the end of the game wins!

Pin the patch on the pirate

This game puts a new spin on an old classic – pin the patch on the pirate!

It comes with everything you need to play, including a poster, a blindfold and 16 self-adhesive patches, and whoever’s closest to the pirate’s eye wins!Pirate party games - pin the patch on the pirate

Pirate treasure hunt

What would a pirate party be without a treasure hunt?

It’s really easy to set your own up but we can save you all the hard work of coming up with your own clues with this handy treasure hunt kit. It’s got everything you need, plus a treasure map and signs to set your kids off on a real pirate adventure.

Pirate party games - pirate treasure hunt

Pirate stepping stone game

Finally, the last of our pirate party games is this fun stepping stone game that’s actually three activities in one! Our favourite idea is using the cardboard stepping stones as a twist on musical chairs. Take one stepping stone away after each round and if you’re not standing on one when the music stops, you’re out!

Pirate party games - stepping stone game

Visit our site to purchase the games mentioned in this post and if you’ve thrown a kids’ party recently, let us know which games went down particularly well in the comment section below!